MGCCC continuously monitors weather conditions. Stay informed about current conditions:

  • Watch – A watch means that conditions are favorable for severe weather or tornados to develop. Monitor conditions, and be ready to take action.
  • Warning – A warning means that severe weather or tornados have been identified by radar or by spotters. Immediate action is necessary.

If a warning is issued:

  • Follow your building’s severe weather/tornado response plan.
  • Move to a room with few or small windows and on the lowest level.
  • Assist others, as needed.
  • Laboratories should be secured. Turn off gas burners and other equipment that could cause additional hazards.
  • Do not attempt to drive during dangerous conditions. Move to a safe building and follow the instructions above.

Sheltering from severe weather

  • Move to the lowest floor and into an interior room.
  • If possible, avoid sheltering in rooms with windows
  • Stay completely in the room, and cover your head and neck.
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