Important Dates for the Spring 2019 Semester:

Nov 5thSpring Priority Registration Begins
Jan 7thEmployees return to work after holidays
Jan 10th & 11thSpring Final Registration
Jan 13thLast day for 100% refund
Jan 14thFirst day of full term and 1st 8wk term classes
Jan 22ndLast day of 90% refund period for 1st 8wk term
Jan 22ndFirst day of online classes
Jan 28thLast day of 90% refund period for full term classes
Feb 5thLast day of 90% refund period for Online courses
Feb 28th2nd payment due
Mar 8th2nd 8wk term begins
Mar 18thLast day of 90% refund period for 2nd 8wk term
Apr 1stFinal payment due, a $40.00 delinquent fee will be added after this date

Methods of Payment:

  • Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover
  • Online payments – log-in to web services.

Payment Plan Options:

  • Fall/Spring – 3 installments
  • Summer – 2 installments

After Registering for Classes:

  • If you are ready to pay, pay online or at any Business Office
  • If you are expecting any Financial Aid or Scholarship, check with Financial Aid first
  • If you are using a Third-Party Payment, such as, Military TA, VA, WIA, MPACT, etc., be sure to bring proper authorization to the Business Office to secure schedule
  • All previous balances and holds must be cleared before registering, graduation, or receiving an official transcript. 

Once Payment/Financial Aid/Scholarship/Third-Party payment has been applied to your account to secure your schedule:

  • You will be given a Student Schedule/Receipt.
  • Show a copy of your schedule/receipt to obtain a student ID and parking decal in the Campus Police office.
  • Get a copy of your schedule and student ID before you proceed to Bookstore.

List of Charges for Fall 2018:


  • Fall/Spring Full-Time Tuition (15 – 21 hours) – $1550.00*
  • Fall/Spring Full-Time Out-of-State Tuition – $3100.00*
  • Part-Time Tuition – $155.00 per credit hour*
  • Part-Time Out-of-State Tuition – $310.00 per credit hour*
  • Summer Full-Time Tuition (12-15 hours) – $1550.00*
  • Students enrolled in more than 21 hours for Fall and Spring will be charged an additional $155.00 per credit hour.
  • Students enrolled in more than 15 hours for Summer will be charged an additional $155.00 per credit hour.

Other Fees

  • Registration Fee – $100.00
  • Technology Fee – $4.00 per credit hour (maximum $60.00)
  • Online Fee – $15.00 per credit hour
  • Book Service Fee – $40.00 per book*
  • Science Lab Fee – $25.00
  • Art Lab Fee – $50.00
  • Career/Technical Program Fees: A PER CREDIT HOUR fee will be charged for career/technical classes based on Program of Study
  • Delinquent Fee – $40.00 assessed on any and all balances after the final payment date
  • Other miscellaneous charges may apply according to program of study
  • Dual Credit High School classes – $100.00 per class

*Tuition and book rental fees are the only refundable fees. All other fees are NON-refundable.

The MGCCC Board of Trustees reserves the right to adjust any and all fees as it deems necessary.