Graduation rates of the first-time first year cohort are analyzed to better understand the percentage of incoming first-time students who graduate at the institution within three years’ time (150%). The rate is calculated as the total number of completers within 150% of normal time divided by the number of students in the first-time first-year cohort. The college mission states, “Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College is to meet the educational and community needs in George, Harrison, Jackson and Stone counties by providing superior instruction through traditional and technological formats…” MGCCC maximizes community needs by providing students with marketable skills and credentials obtained at program completion in a reasonable amount of time. 

Target Outcome: The 150% IPEDS graduation rate for MGCCC students will meet or exceed the average graduation rate of the Mississippi public community college system and national average for two-year public community colleges. Additionally, the institution aims to achieve a minimum of a 35% 150% graduation rate. (Data Source: State Report Card, IPEDS)

150% Graduation Rate Results:

  Fall 2010 FTFY Cohort Fall 2011 FTFY Cohort Fall 2012 FTFY Cohort Fall 2013 FTFY Cohort Fall 2014 FTFY Cohort
MGCCC (IPEDS)  25  26  28  32  36
National Two Year Public Institutions (IPEDS)  19.5  20.0  21.9  23.6  25.1
State Report Card
MGCCC (State Report Card) 25.7 25.4 29.3 32.3 35
Mississippi Two Year Public Institutions (State Report Card)  23.1  24.0  27.4  29.4  31.2