Step 3: Resources

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The Teaching & Learning division and the eLearning Office will offer workshops and training to help faculty transition classes from face-to-face to Canvas, MGCCC’s online learning platform.

MGCCC Instructor Resources Course
The MGCCC Instructor Resources Course in Canvas provides on demand access to Canvas guides and tutorials, online course calendars, policies and procedures, guides and resources for teaching online, and support.

Canvas Courses

  • Option 1: Canvas Refresher – For those that have already attended Canvas training, but a) It’s been a while, or b) Have not used Canvas frequently, we are offering a Canvas Refresher course.
    • Began Monday, March 16th and will conclude Friday, April 10th
    • Will continue accepting enrollments as needed
    • CRN: 59454, Online, 4-weeks (participants may work ahead and complete at their own pace), 8 hours of EDP credit.
  • Option 2: Canvas Basics – This training is for anyone who has not completed Canvas training and needs a deeper dive into the Canvas tools and the online teaching experience.
    • Begins Monday, March 23rd and will conclude Friday, April 17th
    • CRN: 59456, Online, 4-weeks (participants may work ahead and complete at their own pace), 10 hours of EDP credit.


eLearning support representatives are located in the Learning Resources Centers at Perkinston, Jackson County, and Harrison County campuses and will be available to assist instructors with transitioning classes from face-to-face to online as needed.

Canvas Support for Instructors
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Support Hotline
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Get Help with Moving to an Online Format
The Campus Deans of Teaching & Learning and Associate Vice President of Health Sciences are available to talk with faculty about strategies for moving classes out of the face-to-face environment. Want to talk through different options and possibilities? Get support as you make a plan to share with your Department Chair? Email the Deans or eLearning Office to set up a time to talk, or just have an email conversation.

eLearning Office

The eLearning Office can offer advice on how to enhance your Canvas shell, use particular features in Canvas, build and administer an exam, or otherwise prepare your online environment for student use. Email or call (228) 897-3863 to speak with someone who can assist you.

Academic Integrity
Our Campus Deans of Teaching & Learning and Associate Vice President of Health Sciences can talk with you about class and assignment designs aside from proctored tests that discourage academic misconduct. There are also many resources online for guiding effective course and assignment design that encourage original work and decrease the chances of students being able to cheat on tests. For example, Oregon State describes ten course design strategies to minimize cheating and a Baylor blog specifically describes testing strategies within the Canvas environment, which may be useful to some MGCCC faculty.

Early Alert
All early alert concerns should be sent to

Attendance for Online Classes
Faculty should send attendance records for online classes to the appropriate contacts below.




eLearning/Online Class Information

Here is some information that you may wish to share with students:

Steps to Stay on Top of Classes

  1. Log into Canvas and check each of your course shells for messages from your instructors, updates to your syllabi, and changes to your course requirements. If you have face-to-face classes, they may be moved online with new requirements. Take time to write in your planner or a notebook what your (altered) assignments are from now until the end of the term. Contact your instructors immediately with any questions or concerns you have, or if anything is not clear to you.
  2. Make a note of all of your instructors’ preferred method of communication and make sure you know how to reach them and when their online office hours are.
  3. If you have disability accommodations, message your instructors in Canvas with any information or questions that you have regarding your transition to online. Questions about your accommodations more generally can be emailed to the Special Populations Coordinators on each Campus.
  4. If you have any change in your circumstances and/or availability for your classes, communicate with your instructors immediately to let them know your situation and ask what you need to do to for course completion.
  5. Log into Canvas every day to check messages, announcements, discussion posts, and assignments.
  6. Check your MGCCC email daily to make sure you have not missed any important announcements about classes or MGCCC situations.
  7. Make sure your contact information is up to date in Web Services so that you receive all emergency notifications.

Canvas Support for Students
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Office of eLearning 897-3863

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Support Hotline
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