b'Human Services (Jackson County Campus) The Human Services student has the option of entering the workforce upon completion of the associate degree. If the student elects to transfer to an upper-division school, he/she must counsel with the Human Services instructor. The course work and 120 hours of field experience will enable the student to function in mental health, social services and education. This program leads to an Associate of Applied Science Degree and is preparatory for employment upon graduation from MGCCC. Where a transfer to 4-year college or university is desired, a conference should be scheduled with a MGCCC advisor. All students completing a career or technical program must complete either the MS-CPAS (Mississippi Career Planning and Assessment System) or an MGCCC Board- approved Technical Skills Attainment assessment where applicable. Students should see an advisor for further details. Human Services Certificate Semester One HUS 1113 - Introduction to Human Services Credit(s): 3 HUS 1123 - Interpersonal Relations Credit(s): 3 HUS 1133 - Social Problems Credit(s): 3 HUS 1143 - Envisioning a Better Society Credit(s): 3 PSY 1513 - General Psychology Credit(s): 3 Semester Two ENG 1113 - English Composition I Credit(s): 3 EPY 2533 - Human Growth and Development Credit(s): 3 HUS 2113 - Developing Interviewing Skills Credit(s): 3 HUS 2123 - Affecting Social Change Credit(s): 3 HUS 2133 - Exploring Social Issues Credit(s): 3 Total Credits: 30 Human Services Diploma Semester ThreeHIS 1163 - World Civilizations I Credit(s): 3 HIS 1173 - World Civilizations II Credit(s): 3 Computer Related Elective Credit(s): 3 * HPR Credit(s): 1/2 Math/Science Elective Credit(s): 3/4 ** Total Credits: 13/14 117'