b"Have a basic understanding of computer terminology, specifications, software and applications (Microsoft Windows 7 or later/Firefox/Chrome, Microsoft Office 2010 or later, Adobe Reader 9.0 or later, navigating the Internet, sending and receiving emails with and without attachments, and an Antivirus application updated regularly) Participate in a Mandatory LPN-to-RN Hybrid Transitional OptionWebinar Session (The Webinar Date and time will be provided following official program acceptance) Proof of attainment of a current IV therapy Certification or successful completion of an approved IV Therapy educational program in the Expanded Role of IV Therapy for the Licensed Practical Nurse in Mississippi is REQUIRED (see MGCCC IV Therapy Certification Course Offering) Comply with Mississippi law requiring a Criminal Background History Check with Fingerprinting through the Mississippi Department of Health. All students making application to a Health Science program at MGCCC are required to obtain a clear or acceptable Criminal Background Check from the MGCCC Campus Police Department at JD, JC,Perkinston, or the GC Campus.The criminal background check policy (including testing dates and times) can be viewed attimes) can be viewed at Health Sciences Division Criminal Background Check Policy.Selection Process Program openings are filled based on Selective Admission; applicants are ranked based on their individual achievement test scores and prior college course work. Student ranking for entry into the LPN to RN Hybrid option is based on a point system and residency. Students are awarded points for the required ACT composite score, the G.P.A. (pre-requisite courses, plus any other degree-requiredcourses taken at MGCCC or another institution, and the TEAS examination result. In-district applicants (Mississippi residents of Harrison, Jackson, Stone and George Counties) are admitted before out-of-district applicants (all other Mississippi counties). Out-of-state applicants are not admitted until all qualified in-state applicants are admitted. Program enrollment is limited; however, enrollment is also influenced by the availability of clinical rotation slots, applicant numbers, and faculty. LPN to RN Hybrid Option All Nursing and Allied Health students must submit to substance testing in accordance with the Substance Testing Policy and Procedures for Nursing and Allied Health Programs. The Nursing and Allied Health Program's substance testing policy can be viewed on-line at Health Sciences Division Substance Testing Policy. A student must be deemed physically and emotionally able to meet the requirements for the LPN to RN Hybrid Mobility Track Nursing program. A physical examination, immunization records, CPR Certification and completed health form, signed by a Medical Physician, is required prior to the first meeting of the program. MGCCC Health Sciences Division Pre_Entrance_Health_FormUpon admission to the LPN to RN Hybrid Mobility Track, students must maintain a 2.0 GPA on the required courses and complete each course with a C or better. Adherence to additional clinical affiliation requirements may be necessary depending on clinical rotation placement. (i.e. hospital orientation, HIPAA training, etc.) The Health Sciences Division Student Manual can be viewed here MGCCC Nursing DivisionCost List (Estimate only) Tuition Fall/Spring Full-Time Tuition (15-21 credit hours) - $1,550* Fall/Spring Full-Time Out-of-State Tuition - $3,100*Part-Time Tuition - $155 per credit hour* Part-Time Out-of-State Tuition - $310 per credit hour* Summer Full-Time Tuition (12-15 hours) - $1,550* Students enrolled in more than 21 hours for Fall and Spring will be charged an additional $155 per credit hour. Students enrolled in more than 15 hours for Summer will be charged an additional $155 per credit hour.Other Fees Registration Fee - $100 Technology Fee - $75 Online Fee - $15 per credit hour Book Service Fee - $40 per book* Science Lab Fee - $25 Art Lab Fee - $50 179"