b'Freshman Year Summer Session NUR 1116 - LPN to RN Transitional Program Credit(s): 6 Fall Semester NUR 2318 - Adult Health II Credit(s): 8 NUR 2322 - Mental/Behavioral Health Credit(s): 2 SPT 1113 - Public Speaking I Credit(s): 3 Spring Semester NUR 2416 - Advanced Concepts of Nursing Practice Credit(s): 6 NUR 2422 - Nursing Comprehensive Seminar Credit(s): 2 NUR 2434 - Transition to Professional Nursing Practice Credit(s): 4 Total Credits: 52 Total Contact Hours: 1140 Note: *Advanced science courses have a pre-requisite requirement. See Biology Course Descriptions in the College Catalog for details about the prerequisite requirement.A grade of "C" or better is required in all science and nursing courses. An applicant may not have more than one final grade of D and/or F in one or more required science courses within five years of applying to the Nursing Program.Academic support courses may be taken prior to the listed semester. Prerequisite course to Hybrid coursesNUR 2416 , NUR 2422 and NUR 2434 . 181'