b'Student Nurse Organization per year $40 - $60Nursing Conventions per semester $150 estimated (Required all semesters) Skills Lab Bag Fee $10 - $50Additional Expenses During Final Program SemesterLicensure Exam Fees $300 - $500 School Pin and Nursing Lamp $50 - $200 Cost may be subject to changePrerequisites: Prerequisites: The following four (4) courses are prerequisites to the PN Program and must be completed by the applicant prior to approval of admission to either program: BIO 2514 - Anatomy and Physiology I (LEC/LAB) Credit(s): 4 * (with lab) ENG 1113 - English Composition I Credit(s): 3 PSY 1513 - General Psychology Credit(s): 3 BIO 2924 - Microbiology (LEC/LAB) Credit(s): 4 *+ (with lab) Freshman Year 1st Semester NUR 1118 - Fundamentals of Nursing Practice Credit(s): 8 NUR 1121 - Dosage Calculations Credit(s): 1 NUR 1131 - Pharmacology Credit(s): 1 BIO 2524 - Anatomy and Physiology II (LEC/LAB) Credit(s): 4 ** (with lab) Note: Following successful completion of the 1 stSemester, the student is eligible to sit for the Certified Nurse Assistant Examination 2nd Semester NUR 1217 - Adult Health I Credit(s): 7 NUR 1223 - Maternal Child Health Credit(s): 3 ENG 1123 - English Composition II Credit(s): 3 + Note: Following successful completion of the 2nd Semester, the student exits the dual PN/ADN curriculum and enters the Practical Nurse (PN) Exit Option during the spring semester (fall semester students only) and the summer semester (spring semester students only) Students must declare the PN Exit Option by completing the PN Exit Option Declaration Form by mid-term of Semester 2. (See Practical Nursing Exit Option) 192'