b'Dees Hall is a split-level, multi-storied building completed in 1968 to house the campus library.After the completion of the Willis H. Lott Learning Resources Center in 2011, Dees Hall was renovated and now contains, faculty offices, academic classrooms, business office, enrollment center, and the campus network infrastructure. Denson Hall is a two-story classroom building located on the quadrangle. It was built in 1971 and houses the Developmental Studies and Language Arts departments. The Driving Range Facility was constructed in 2014, this facility is located adjacent to the driving range and contains restroom facilities. meeting/locker room, and office space. George Hall is a two-story brick residence hall constructed for men students in 2007 and accommodates 80 residents. The Golf Turf Building is the Horticulture and Golf/Recreational Turf Management Technologies Lab and classroom. The Gregory War Memorial Chapel was completed in 1947 and provides a place for all types of religious functions. It was completely remodeled in 2001. Harrison Hall is a two-story residence hall constructed in 1938 and was completely renovated in 2018, now housing college administrative offices. Hayden Hall, constructed in 1987, is a two-story structure made up of one main lobby, spacious courtyards, and 100 rooms, which accommodates 200 residents. Each room opens into a courtyard area. The hall was refurbished in 2008. Heidelberg Hall, constructed in 1959, houses the cafeteria. The main floor of this building houses the cafeteria and private dining rooms. An addition was made including a new kitchen and serving area along with renovations to the old dining area and kitchen in 1997-98. Hinton Hall is a fireproof structure built in 1959 and was completely remodeled and refurbished in 1983-84. An addition was completed in 2007 and named the Clyde Strickland Science Complex. It houses all areas for the teaching of science, including a modern computer technology and mathematic department and the academic business department. Huff Hall is a two-story brick residence hall constructed in 1911. It houses college administrative offices. Jackson Hall is a two-story brick building constructed in 1915 and houses some of the college administrative offices. It was completely remodeled and refurbished in 2001. J. E. Bryan Hall is a two-story residence hall opened in the fall of 2005. The building has 25 two room suites that share bathroom facilities. Each room will accommodate two students with a total capacity of 100. The King Center, constructed in 2016, consists of meeting/classroom space, athletic training room, the Athletic Department, office space, football lockerroom, Pressbox, and suites. Malone Hall, constructed in 1972, is a fine arts center with the music and drama departments. There is a theatre, which seats 463 persons. Renovations to the building in 1998 include a black box theatre. The Maintenance/Transportation/Technology Services Center was constructed in 2008 and houses the college transportation services, Perk Campus maintenance services, and the college construction management and technology services. The Megehee Building, originally occupied in the spring of 1962 as Home Economics Facility, houses the Child Development Technology program. Moran Hall is a two-story brick residence hall constructed 1970. This residence hall accommodates 84 residents and was refurbished in 2008. Owen Hall is a two-story brick residence hall constructed in 1970. This building accommodates 88 residents and was refurbished in 2008. The Sam P. Jones, Jr. Band Hall was constructed in 1998 and is used by the Band of Gold and music classes. Stone Hall, originally constructed in 1915 as a residence hall for male students, was renovated in 1996 to house the Educational Services Center, Housing Office, Assessment Center, and Veterans Affairs Center. The Surplus Property and Printing Building was constructed in 1994. 19'