b'Academic and Entry Requirements Examinations Achieve a minimum Composite ACT Score of 18 - ACT scores below 17 may be considered for admission after completion of A&P I (including lab) with a grade of "C" or greater prior to admission. Prerequisites Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 on college work - (High school GPA will be reviewed if student has no previous college course work.) Hold a current American Heart Association CPR for Healthcare Providers Certification Get a Criminal Background Check - All students in a Health Science program at MGCCC must obtain a clear or acceptable Criminal Background Check from an MGCCC Campus Police Department at JD, JC, GC, or Perkinston Campus. For testing times, dates, and more information on this policy, download the Health Sciences Division Criminal Background Check Policy and Information Sheet. This policy is in compliance with Mississippi law requiring a Criminal Background History Check with Fingerprinting through the Mississippi Department of Health. Review the online mandatory Pre-Health Sciences Orientation Session prior to completing the supplemental application for program ranking. The session can be viewed anytime and anywhere you have access to the internet. The PowerPoint presentation gives you valuable information on topics common to all health science programs at MGCCC. Even without the ability to speak directly or interact immediately with a health sciences advisor, the session speaks to frequently asked questions from program entrance to completion. In order to receive credit for viewing the session, follow the steps below. The information is approximately one (1) hour in length. To complete this requirement do the following: 1.Visit MGCCC Web Services 2.Enter the GCID (M#) and Password 3.Select Student 4.Select Health Sciences Division Supplemental Application Orientation Session. 5.In order to receive credit, you must review the entire session. 6.Click survey complete so that your log-in information will be recorded in the college\'s BANNER system. Co-Requisites To obtain the Associate of Applied Science Degree, the following courses must be successfully completed prior to completion of the sophomore year: ENG 1113English Composition I SPT 1113Public Speaking*BIO 1514Principles of Anatomy & Physiology I & Lab EPY 2533Human Growth & Development ENG 1123English Composition IIPHT/Navigator Supplemental Application Fall Semester Application Submission Deadline:By July 1 complete and submit the online Supplemental Application. As a new program, the application submission deadline date will be extended up until the first day of classAugust 20, 2019, To complete and submit the online Supplemental Application: 1.Visit MGCCC Web Services 2.Enter the GCID (M#) and Password 3.Select Student 4.Select Health Sciences Division Supplemental Application. Thereafter, the applicant MUST read the guidelines carefully. In order to complete and submit the application, college admission and ALL pre-requisite requirements are required. 216'