b"CPR - Basic Life Support Instructor CPR - Basic Life Support (BLS) InstructorNON-CREDIT TRAINING Course Description: This course trains individuals to teach a variety of Basic Life Support classes including: Basic Life Support and all AHA Heartsaver programs.The American Heart Association's online BLS Instructor Essentials On line is an engaging, multi-media tool designed to provide a foundation for teaching and facilitating regardless of an instructor or instructor candidate's area of specialization. Requirements: All learners must have a current AHA BLS provider card prior to taking the onsite instructor skills training and must have completed the online AHA BLS Instructor Essentials. BLS Instructor Essentials is the first step toward becoming an AHA Instructor and must be taken by all new instructors. This course is delivered online through the AHA Professional Education Center at https://onlineaha.org/courses/97. After completing both the online BLS Instructor Essentials and the onsite skills training, individuals can contract with a training center to provide BLS or Heartsaver courses as a source of income. All instructors and instructor candidates must confer with their AHA Training Center to determine which method they should use to complete the course.The MGCCC Continuing Education Coordinator will contact Instructors aligned with the MGCCC AHA Training Center to check on their availability to facilitate a CPR class date that is scheduled each semester and as needed. Instructors aligned with the MGCCC AHA Training Center are considered independent contractors and at no time should they solicit MGCCC students, employees, use college property, or equipment to facilitate CPR classes outside of their contracted class dates.Steps for New Instructors Interested in Aligning with the MGCCC Training Center are listed below: 1.Complete an Instructor Candidate Form and bring it to the Continuing Education Coordinator. The instructor must meet the criteria for verification of instructor potential prior to being granted alignment. 2.Submit a certificate of completion for the Instructor Essentials Course. 3.Submit a current copy of their BLS card.Note: If the card is expired, they will need to take a BLS course prior to being allowed into the Instructor course. 4.Each new instructor's first class must be monitored by the Training Center Faculty, and an Instructor Monitor Form must be completed and submitted to the Continuing Education Coordinator prior to the Instructor teaching a class on his or her own. Note: MGCCC reserves the right to substitute instructors, change class schedules, and cancel programs due to insufficient enrollment or unforeseen circumstances. For additional information regarding healthcare continuing education courses, please contact: A'Kendal Woodard Administrative Assistant Simulation Center/Continuing Education Office: 228-267-8648 Email: akendal.woodard@mgccc.eduJessica Fudge, BMSc, RT (R)(CT) Continuing Education Coordinator Bryant Center Office: 228-267-8676 Email: jessica.fudge@mgccc.edu 240"