b'IV Therapy Certification IV Therapy CertificationLPN Expanded Role NON-CREDIT PROGRAM This non-credit healthcare program prepares the Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) to perform procedures related to the expanded scope of intravenous therapy in multiple healthcare facilities.This non-credit program aligns with the state Board of Nursing curriculum which sets standards for certificationCourse Description: This 80 hour class approved by the Mississippi Board of Nursing includes a curriculum comprised of 40 hours of campus-based didactic and a campus learning 40 hours of campus lab and clinic training. The applicant must complete all 80 hours of training for successful completion of this course.The applicant must have access for the hybrid/online didactic portion.The student needs to have basic computer understanding, Microsoft Office, PowerPoint and the Internet. The first 20 applicants with accurate and complete documentation will be accepted into the program. Cost: $400 (includes textbook).(The MGCCC Non-Credit Refund Policy is on the Registration form). Steps for admission into the program: I.IV THERAPY Certification Application Process: a)Complete the Non-Credit Registration form listing IV Therapy Certification as the course name and include a listed course date of interest (can be found on the website under Pathways/Health Sciences/Non-Credit courses or at any campus location). b)Obtain a copy of your current, active, unencumbered LPN Mississippi License with verification of one year of clinical experience as a LPN within the past 3 yearsc)The Continuing Education Coordinator will review your documents, verify licensure and contact you via email with enrollment information. (a valid personal email address must be made available on the registration form). 1.Non-credit Registration form 2.Verification of one (1) year of clinical experience as a LPN within the past three (3) years 3.Full course payment which is made at the MGCCC campus business office.Note: Students are accepted conditionally until all required pre-clinical documents are received by the end of the third week of class and approved for clinical/lab attendance. ** Criminal Background Check - DUE ON FIRST DAY OF CLASS.All students accepted into a MGCCC IV Therapy course must obtain a criminal background check from a MGCCC Campus Police Office. The $65 criminal background check payment is not included in the IV Therapy program cost.The payment is made at the campus business office with the receipt presented at the Campus Police Office in order for testing to take place.Campus Police Office contact numbers are: Jackson County Campus(228) 497-7690 Perkinston Campus(601) 928-6327 Jefferson Davis Campus(228) 896-2516 George County Center(601) 766-6447 Note: Disqualifying background check results must be reviewed by the Health Sciences Administrative Team to determine the student\'s continuous enrollment and final acceptance into the program.Administrative approval will be based upon "MS Code 43-11-13" related to clinical attendance. If not approved, the student forfeit\'s the course fee and the right to continue in the course. Note:MGCCC reserves teh right to substitute instructors, change class schedules, and cancel programs due to insufficient enrollment or unforeseen circumstances.For additional information regarding healthcare continuing education courses, please contact: A\'Kendal Woodard Administrative Assistant Simulation Center/Continuing Education Office: 228-267-8648 Email: akendal.woodard@mgccc.edu 243'