b'inspection, measurement, and repair.principles that relate to business. TheACT 1133 - Brazing & (3,2,2)topics to be covered include thePiping accounting cycle and the accounting ABT 2243 - Non-Structuralsystems for service and merchandising businesses. PreviousCredit(s): 3 Analysis and Damage Repair knowledge of accounting is not IIIrequired for ACC 2213 (3,3,0)This course includes various tools and pipe connecting techniques.This Credit(s): 3course includes specialized tools and ACC 2223 - Principles oftest equipment required in heating, Accounting IIventilation, air-conditioning, and This course is a continuation of Non-Structural Analysis and Damagerefrigeration. (3,2,2) Repair II.This course providesCredit(s): 3 instruction for outer body panelACT 1214 - Controls repair, replacement, and adjustmentA continuation of ACC 2213. The principles and practices. (3,2,2)topics to be covered include corporateCredit(s): 4 accounting concepts, managerial ABT 2336 - Refinishing IIIaccounting concepts and internalFundamentals of gas, fluid, electrical, business decision making.and programmable controls. (4,2,4) Prerequisite: ACC 2213. (3,3,0) Credit(s): 6 ACT 1313 - Refrigeration Heating, Air A continuation of Refinishing II withSystem Components emphasis on advanced paintingConditioning, and techniques including paint mixing,RefrigerationCredit(s): 3 matching, and applying and detailing. (6,2,8)Technology (ACT) This course includes an in-depth study of the components and accessories of ABT 2913 - Special ProblemACT 1003 - Introduction toa sealed system including metering in Collision RepairHeating & Air Conditioningdevices, evaporators, compressors, TechnologyTechnologyand condensers. (3,2,2) Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 3ACT 1713 - Electricity for Heating, Ventilation, Air A course to provide students with anThis course is designed to introduceConditioning, and opportunity to utilize skills andstudents to the fundamental skillsRefrigeration I knowledge gained in other Collisionassociated with all HVAC courses.Repair Technology courses.TheSafety, basic tools, special tools, and instructor and student work closelyequipment, communication skills,Credit(s): 3 together to select a topic and establishemployability skills, and materials criteria for completion of the project. handling topics are included. (3,2,2)This course includes basic knowledge (3,0,6)of electricity, power distribution, components, solid state devices, and ACT 1124 - Basicelectrical circuits. (3,2,2) Accounting (ACC)Compression Refrigeration ACT 2324 - Commercial ACC 2213 - Principles ofCredit(s): 4Refrigeration Accounting I An introduction to the field ofCredit(s): 4 Credit(s): 3refrigeration and air-conditioning.Emphasis is placed on trade math,A study of various commercial Study of the fundamentals andthermodynamics and heat transfer.refrigeration systems.Includes application of financial accounting(4,2,4) 269'