b"AGR 2713 - Principles ofCredit(s): 3Credit(s): 3 Agricultural Economics An honors appreciation courseTo provide students with an designed to increase the studentsunderstanding of spatial form in three Credit(s): 3awareness of the Fine Arts.dimensions through the use of applied design elements and principles to Economic principles applied tostudio problems in mixed media. production, value, prices, credit,ART 1313 - Drawing I (3,0,6) Prerequisite ART 1443 or taxation, land tenure, marketing,permission of instructor international trade, and relatedCredit(s): 3 problems affecting agriculture.(3,3,0)Includes the study of the basicART 1513 - Computer Art elements and principles of Anthropology (ANR)organization in two dimensions andCredit(s): 3 the selection, manipulation and synthesis of these components toAn introduction to the theory and ANR 2213 - Introduction tocreate an organized visual expression.practice of using the computer to AnthropologyStudents will apply overlappingcreate art. A study of methods and foreshortening and diminished scale.applications utilizing the computer Credit(s): 3Black and white media will beand selected software applications. stressed.(3,0,6)Prerequisites: ART 1313 , ART 1323 , A survey of the four fields and appliedART 1433 , ART 1443 . (3,0,3) anthropology in the comparative studyART 1323 - Drawing II of humanity.(3,3,0)ART 1913 - Art for Credit(s): 3Elementary Teachers ANR 2243 - Cultural AnthropologyContinuation of skills from Drawing ICredit(s): 3 with an introduction to color and further study of composition.Development of essential concepts of Credit(s): 3Prerequisite: ART 1313 or permission children's art education in compliance of instructor. (3,0,6)with the National Standards for Art This course examines human culture and culturaldiversity. The student willEducation. (3,2,2) explore techniques employed by theART 1433 - Design I anthropologist. (3,3,0)ART 2513 - Painting I Credit(s): 3 Art (ART)Credit(s): 3 Introduction to the fundamentals of two-dimensional design withAn introduction to painting NOTE: The department reserves theemphasis in black and white media.compositions and techniques.privilege to retain student work for(3,0,6)Prerequisite: ART 1313 & ART 1413 exhibition purposes.or permission of instructor. (3,0,6) ART 1443 - Design II ART 1113 - Art AppreciationART 2523 - Painting II Credit(s): 3 Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 3 Continuation of Design I with A course designed to provide anemphasis in color theory.(3,0,6)A further study in the compositions, understanding and appreciation of thetechniques, and concepts in Painting I. visual arts. (3,3,0)ART 1453 - ThreePrerequisite: ART 2513 or permission Dimensional Designof instructor. (3,0,6) ART 1113H - Honors Art AppreciationART 2613 - Ceramics I 271"