b'ATT 2614 - Heating and AirThis course is an introduction toThis course is an introduction to Conditioninginternational business concepts andbusiness application software.This practices. Emphasis is placed onsoftware includes the components of understanding cultural differences andan information system: spreadsheets, Credit(s): 4foreign exchange markets. (3,3,0)presentation graphics, database management, and word processing. This course is designed to provideData entry and retrieval, records advanced skills and knowledgeBAD 2323 - Business associated with the maintenance andStatisticsmanagement, and electronic communications are skills taught in repair of automotive heating and airthis course. (3,3,0) conditioning systems.It includesCredit(s): 3 instruction and practice in the diagnosis and repair of heating and airBAD 2713 - Principles of Introduction to statistical methods of conditioning system components, andcollecting, presenting, analyzing, andReal Estate control systems. (4,2,4)interpreting data for business management and control.TopicsCredit(s): 3 ATT 2913 - Special Probleminclude: central tendency and I in Automotive Technologydispersion; probability; discrete andThis course is an introduction to the continuous distributions; estimationnature of the real estate market, types and hypothesis testing. Prerequisite:of ownership of property, contracts, Credit(s): 3MAT 1313 or MAT 1314 . (3,3,0)and methods of transferal of title. (3,3,0) A basic course to provide students with an opportunity to utilize basicBAD 2413 - Legal skills and general knowledge gainedEnvironment of BusinessBAD 2723 - Real Estate Law in other Automotive Technology courses.The instructor and studentCredit(s): 3Credit(s): 3 work closely together to select a topic and establish criteria for completionAn introduction to interrelationshipsDesigned to give the student a general of the project.(3,0,6)of law and society, jurisprudence andbackground in the law of real property business. Topics include anand the law of real estate brokerage. Business Administrationintroduction to law, law of contracts,(3,3,0) agency, and employment. (3,3,0) (BAD)BAD 2733 - Real Estate BAD 2513 - Introduction toFinance BAD 1113 - Introduction toManagement BusinessCredit(s): 3 Credit(s): 3 Credit(s): 3A study of principles and methods of This course is a study of basicfinancing real estate, sources of funds, This course is designed to introducemanagement principles as applied totypes and contents of financing students to the basic concepts ofthe functions of planning, organizing,instruments, and the role of various business. Main topics include currentdirecting, controlling, andinstitutions, both private and business and economic environment,coordinating with effectivegovernmental. (3,3,0) entrepreneurship, marketing,communication in business enterprise. management, financial management,(3,3,0)BAD 2743 - Real Estate and business careers. (3,3,0)Appraisal I BAD 2533 - Computer BAD 2113 - Introduction toApplications in Business andCredit(s): 3 International BusinessIndustry An introductory course. Includes Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 3purpose of appraisal, methods, and techniques to determine the value of 274'