b'the various types of property.Credit(s): 4include evolution, classification, Emphasis on residential and singleecology, detailed consideration of unit property. Prerequisite: BAD 2713A combined lecture and laboratorymajor groups of organisms, viruses, or Real Estate Sales or Brokercourse for non-science majors thatand the study of animals and plants License. (3,3,0)emphasizes the survey of the diversityincluding their anatomy and of life, ecology, evolution, and anphysiology. Prerequisite: BIO BAD 2853 - Business Ethicsoverview of organ systems. Labs1134 (4,3,2) associated with this course contain experiments and exercises thatBIO 1144H - Honors General Credit(s): 3reinforce the principles introduced in Biology II (LEC/LAB) lecture classes. (4,3,2) An exploration of the ethical problems faced in business theory and practiceCredit(s): 4 through which the student willBIO 1134 - General Biology Irecognize and analyze ethical(LEC/LAB)A combined lecture and laboratory dilemmas and implement ethicalcourse for science majors that decisions within the context of today\'sCredit(s): 4reinforces themes and concepts business environment. (3,3,0)introduced in BIO 1134 General A combined lecture and laboratoryBiology I, while emphasizing the Biology (BIO)course for science majors that coversdiversity of life. Topics covered the major themes of biology, theinclude evolution, classification, scientific method, chemistry relevantecology, detailed consideration of *The prerequisites for advancedto biological systems, cell processesmajor groups of organisms, viruses, science courses identified by an * areincluding photosynthesis and cellularand the study of animals and plants the completion of one of therespiration, cell division, genetics, andincluding their anatomy and following: a) minimum ACTmolecular genetics. (4,3,2)physiology. (By invitation only.) composite of 21 on the science(4,3,2) component, b) completion of three high school science courses (biologyBIO 1134H - Honors General or chemistry) with no grade lowerBiology I (LEC/LAB)BIO 1214 - Environmental than a "C", or c) credit for BIO 1134.Science (LEC/LAB) Credit(s): 4 BIO 1114 - Principles ofCredit(s): 4 Biology I (LEC/LAB)A combined lecture and laboratory course for science majors that coversA combined lecture and laboratory the major themes of biology, thecourse covering the relevance of Credit(s): 4scientific method, chemistry relevantecological principles to environmental to biological systems, cell processesproblems and the relationship of A combined lecture and laboratoryincluding photosynthesis and cellularhumans to their environment with course for non-science majors thatrespiration, cell division, genetics, andemphasis on preservation of provides an introduction to the basicmolecular genetics. (By invitationenvironmental quality. Labs principles of modern biology, andonly.) (4,3,2)associated with this course contain their relevance to modern life.experiments and exercises that Emphasis is placed on the nature andreinforce the principles introduced in history of scientific thought, basicBIO 1144 - General Biology biological chemistry, cell structureII (LEC/LAB)lecture classes. (4,3,2) and processes, genetics. Labs associated with this course containBIO 1314 - Botany I Credit(s): 4 experiments and exercises that(LEC/LAB) reinforce the principles introduced inA combined lecture and laboratory lecture classes. (4,3,2)course for science majors thatCredit(s): 4 reinforces themes and concepts BIO 1124 - Principles ofintroduced in BIO 1134 GeneralA combined lecture and laboratory Biology II (LEC/LAB)Biology I, while emphasizing thecourse covering the representative diversity of life. Topics coveredgroups of the plant kingdom, their 275'