b'principles introduced in lecturelecture classes. Prerequisites: BIOCredit(s): 3 classes. Prerequisite: *(4,3,2)2514. (4,3,2) This course focuses on improving BIO 2424 - Zoology IIBIO 2924 - Microbiologykeyboarding techniques using the (LEC/LAB)(LEC/LAB)touch method and on production of documents using Microsoft Word functions. Prerequisite: Instructor Credit(s): 4Credit(s): 4Approved. (3,2,2)A combined lecture and laboratoryA combined lecture and laboratory course that includes in-depth studiescourse providing a comprehensiveof vertebrate taxonomy and animalstudy of microbial agents to include systems. Labs associated with thistaxonomy, metabolism, physiologyBOT 1243 - Microsoft course contain experiments andand genetics, concepts of pathogenesis Word II exercises that reinforce the principlesand immunity. Labs in this course introduced in lecture classes.provide experiments that reinforce Prerequisite: * (4,3,2)principles introduced in the lecture toCredit(s): 3 include fundamental laboratory BIO 2514 - Anatomy andtechniques in lab safety, microscopy,This course is a continuation of culturing and identification ofMicrosoft Word I and focuses on Physiology I (LEC/LAB)microbes, and effectiveness ofproduction of documents using antimicrobial agents. Prerequisites:Microsoft Word. Production with Credit(s): 4BIO 1134 (4,3,2)accuracy is stressed and practice is given through a variety of documents A combined lecture and laboratoryBusiness and Officefor skillbuilding. Prerequisite: course that covers the anatomical andInstructor Approved (3,2,2) physiological study of the human(BOT) body as an integrated whole. TheBOT 1273 - Introduction to course includes detailed studies of: BOT 1013 - Introduction toMicrosoft Office biological principles; tissues; and the integumentary, skeletal, muscular andKeyboarding nervous systems. Labs associated withCredit(s): 3 this course contain experiments andCredit(s): 3 exercises that reinforce the principlesThis course will introduce an introduced in lecture classes.This course provides an introductionoperating system and word Prerequisite: *(4,3,2)to keyboarding skill developmentprocessing, spreadsheet, database using the touch system on themanagement, and presentation BIO 2524 - Anatomy andalphabetic keyboard.Coursesoftware applications using the emphasis will be on speed andMicrosoft Office suite. (3,2,2) Physiology II (LEC/LAB) accuracy when keying documents and timed writings.(3,2,2)BOT 1313 - Applied Business Credit(s): 4 MathA combined lecture and laboratoryBOT 1213 - Professional course that includes detailed studies ofDevelopmentCredit(s): 3 the anatomy and physiology of human special senses, endocrine,Credit(s): 3This course is designed to develop cardiovascular, lymphatic andcompetency in mathematics for immune, respiratory, digestive, andThis course emphasizes an awarenessbusiness use. (3,3,0) urinary systems, as well asof interpersonal skills essential for job reproduction and development. Labssuccess. (3,3,0)BOT 1433 - Business associated with this course containAccounting experiments and exercises thatBOT 1233 - Microsoft reinforce the principles introduced in Word I 277'