b"Credit(s): 3BOT 2543 - Medical MachineBOT 2663 - Advanced Transcription IIICoding This course applies basic accounting principles using QuickBooks. Prerequisite: ACC 2213 or BOTCredit(s): 3Credit(s): 3 1433 (3,2,2) This course is designed to continueThis course provides an in-depth the development of the student'sstudy of coding competencies in BOT 2463 - Payrolltranscription skills including longerinpatient and outpatient settings. This Accountingand more complex medical recordscourse also incorporates standards for and more difficult physician dictationnational certification exams. Credit(s): 3(foreign accent, dialects). All medicalPrerequisites: BOT 2643 and BOT specialties are included. Prerequisites:2653 . (3,2,2) This course provides an in-depthBOT 2523 and BOT 2533. (3,1,4) study of payroll accounting.BOT 2673 - Medical Prerequisite: BOT 1433 or ACC 2213.BOT 2613 - EntrepreneurialInsurance Billing (3,2,2)Problem Solving Credit(s): 3 BOT 2473 - Cost AccountingCredit(s): 3 This course is a culmination of skills Credit(s): 3This course is designed to developand knowledge of appropriate business students into entrepreneursprocedures for generating, processing, This course provides an in-depthcapable of operating their ownand submitting health insurance study of cost accounting forcompanies and to reduce the highclaims to private and governmental manufacturing businesses.failure rate of starting, conducting,health insurance programs. Prerequisite: ACC 2213 or BOT 1433.and expanding a business. StudentsPrerequisites: BOT 2643 and BOT (3,2,2)will gain experience in problem2653 . (3,2,2) solving through visits to businesses, BOT 2523 - Medical Machineanalyses of case studies, and projectsBOT 2743 - Medical Office Transcription Iand surveys of current businessConcepts practices. (3,3,0) Credit(s): 3BOT 2643 - CPT CodingCredit(s): 3This course is designed to teachThis course will provide coverage and transcription of various medicalCredit(s): 3integration of medical office skills. documents. Prerequisite:InstructorProblem solving will be emphasized. Approved. (3,2,2)This course is an introduction to thePrerequisite: BOT 1613, BOT 1623. field of outpatient procedural coding(3,2,2) BOT 2533 - Medical Machineand requirements for insurance reimbursement. Prerequisite: BOTBOT 2753 - Medical Transcription II1613, BOT 1623 or consent of instructor. (3,2,2)Information Management Credit(s): 3 BOT 2653 - ICD CodingCredit(s): 3 This course is designed to continue teaching transcription of variousThis course will continue coverage of medical documents includingCredit(s): 3medical office practices using dictation given by doctors withsoftware simulation.Prerequisite: foreign accents and additional medicalThis course is an introduction to theBOT 2743. (3,2,2) specialties. Prerequisite:BOT 2523.field of diagnostic and inpatient (3,1,4)procedural coding. Prerequisite: BOT 1613, BOT 1623. (3,2,2)BOT 2763 - Electronic Health Records 279"