b"Credit(s): 3platter and plate design arrangementsthrough intricate patterns and for different menu styles. (4,2,4)techniques. (4,2,4) This course covers electronic health records (EHR) in the healthcareBPT 1314 -BPT 2334 - Chocolates, environment as they pertain to variousRestaurant/CateringConfections Sugar Artistry healthcare settings. (3,3,0) Operations BOT 2813 - BusinessCredit(s): 4 Credit(s): 4 CommunicationThis course is designed as aPrinciples of organizing andproduction and history of chocolate Credit(s): 3managing a food and beverageand other confection techniques operation. This course includesnecessary to work with chocolate and This course develops communicationinstruction on how to operate a bakingsugar. Various candies are to be hand skills with emphasis on principles ofand/or pastry operation/department fordipped or molded into form. Sugar writing business correspondence anda retail market. (4,2,4)artistry to include pastillage- blown, reports and preparing presentations.pulled or poured while in production. Prerequisite: BOT 1713, BOT 1233,BPT 2214 - Artisan BreadsEdible centerpiece showcases design or by consent of instructor. (3,3,0)explored. (4,2,4) and Viennoiserie Baking and Pastry ArtsBPT 2913 - Supervised Work Credit(s): 4Experience in Baking and (BPT) This course is designed to providePastry Arts BPT 1224 - Cookies,students with the knowledge, skills and techniques of artisan breads andCredit(s): 3 Mignardise and Frozen viennoiserie production. Laminated Dessertsdoughs, quick breads, yeast breads,This course is a cooperative program rolls and savory quick breadsbetween industry and education and is Credit(s): 4products, techniques and skills aredesigned to integrate the student's applied. The properties of scaling,technical studies with industrial Instruction on how to make a varietymixing, production and baker'sexperience. Variable credit is awarded of cookies, biscotti's, miniaturepercentage are studied. Bakingon the basis of one semester hour per desserts, ice creams, anglaise, petitmethodology, fermentation, proper45 industrial contact hours. (3,0,9) fours and sorbets. Different methodsmixing and production are and techniques will be covered suchemphasized. (4,2,4)Graphic Design as creaming, tempering, foaming, product knowledge, and terminology.BPT 2324 - Advanced CakesTechnology (CAT) Provide skills in the production ofand Patisserie churned and frozen desserts. (4,2,4)CAT 1113 - Graphic Design Credit(s): 4and Production I BPT 1234 - Classic Pastry,Pies and TartsThis course is designed for students toCredit(s): 3 apply fundamental skills of icing Credit(s): 4cakes in creating special occasionAn introduction to the skills of design, cakes. Emphasis is placed ontypography, and the fundamentals This course is designed to providedeveloping skills in making variousneeded of the graphic artist. The students with the fundamentalflowers out of modeling chocolate,course will provide selected knowledge of producing various pies,marzipan and gum paste. Students areexperiences involving design, simple puff pastry, pate a choux, custards,introduced to covering and glazingdesign, printing processes, industry creams and tarts utilizing traditionalspecial occasion cakes with rolledspecifications, and industry methods. This course will also includefondant and build their piping skillsproduction formats for mass distribution. (3,0,6) 280"