b"CAT 1123 - Graphic DesignCAT 2133 - Graphic Designthe graphic design industry utilizing and Production IIStudiocurrent software and related hardware. Prerequisite: CAT 1113, CAT 1213, or by consent of instructor. (3,1,4) Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 3A continuation of Graphic Design andA concentrated study in graphicCAT 2323 - Advanced Production I with concentration ondesign specifically related to regionalAdvertising Design color printing, industry terminologyindustry needs. Emphasis will be and standards, corporate identity, andplaced on projects according toCredit(s): 3 branding with continued emphasis onindustry needs. Prerequisite: CAT design, typography, and balance. The1113, CAT 1213. (3,1,4)This course has an emphasis on course will utilize current computergraphic computers to develop and techniques. Perquisite: CAT 1113.CAT 2223 - Basicproduce advanced graphic design (3,0,6)Photographyprojects. This course utilizes equipment and software used in CAT 1143 - Typographyindustry. Prerequisite: CAT Credit(s): 32313 (3,1,4)Credit(s): 3An introduction to photography with emphasis on the digital camera,CAT 2333 - Practical A comparison of traditional uses ofexposure, composition, and lighting.Advertising Techniques typography with those of a more(3,3,3) contemporary approach. This is an in- Credit(s): 3 depth exploration of type in relation toCAT 2263 - Web Graphic meaning and form with a refinedPerformance skills needed for application of drawing skills beforeProduction productive employment in the graphic final output on computer. (3,2,2)design/commercial art field. Student Credit(s): 3interaction with local industry is CAT 1213 - Fundamentals ofrequired. A portfolio of student's work Graphic ComputersAn in-depth study of producing andand graphic resume' will be produced. utilizing graphic elements designedIndustry review is required for final for Internet or web application.grade. Prerequisite: CAT 2313 or by Credit(s): 3Emphasis is placed equally on consent of instructor. (3,1,4) aesthetics, technical requirements, and An introduction to graphic interfaceprinciples of interactive design. The computers related to the graphiccourse will provide a concentratedCAT 2914 - Special Project design industry, utilizing currentstudy related to color management,in Graphic Design software and related hardwaretypography, graphic development andTechnology emphasizing industry specifications,manipulation, digital imaging, and print production, and digital imagecreating dynamic web experiences. manipulation. (3,1,4)Credit(s): 4 The focus is on the production and manipulation of individual elementsPractical applications of skills and CAT 1323 - Advertisingand is recommended as a supplementknowledge gained in other Graphic Principles for Digital Designto a web design application course orDesign Technology courses. The previous experience. Prerequisite:instructor works closely with the CAT 1213. (3,1,4)student to ensure that selection of a Credit(s): 3 special project enhances the student's Introduction to advertising techniques,CAT 2313 - Basiclearning experiences. Prerequisite: marketing concepts, careers, industryAdvertising DesignCompletion of one semester of requirements, and regulationscoursework in the Graphic Design specifically for students majoring inCredit(s): 3Technology program (4,2,4). visual technology programs. (3,2,2) Concepts and methodology related to 281"