b'exercises that reinforce the principlesassociated with this course acquaintCredit(s): 3 introduced in lecture classes. (4,3,2)students with important manipulations and procedures, as well as theCommon practices of engineering CHE 1324 - Principles ofpreparation and study of aromatic andprinciples and construction methods. Chemistry II, Lecture andcomplex organic compounds.(3,2,2) Prerequisite: CHE 2425 (5,3,4) LaboratoryCON 2113 - Construction ConstructionJobsite Management Credit(s): 4 Engineering Technology A combined lecture and laboratory(CON)Credit(s): 3 course that emphasizes chemical stoichiometry, gases, solutions,Basic techniques of the modern acids/bases, and an introduction toCON 1113 - Survey ofmethods of managing construction organic chemistry. Labs associatedModern Constructionprojects including scheduling, with this course contain experimentsresource allocation, and funds flow. and exercises that reinforce thePractical applications are made Credit(s): 3 principles introduced in lecturethrough simulated projects. (3,2,2)classes. Prerequisite: CHE 1314 orFundamentals of the construction CHE 1214. (4,3,2)environment, methods, materials,CON 2123 - Construction processes from a historicalCost Estimation CHE 2425 - Organicperspective, and the impact on the Chemistry I, Lecture andconstruction industry. (3,2,2)Credit(s): 3 Laboratory CON 1213 - ConstructionEstimating, quantity survey, unit cost Credit(s): 5Materialssynthesis and analysis, bid organization and planning, and A combined lecture and laboratoryCredit(s): 3competitive simulations and exercises. course that covers carbon chemistry,Prerequisites: CON 1223 and CON bonding structure and behavior,Study and testing of the various1213. (3,2,2) aliphatic compounds, stereochemistry,materials used in the construction reaction mechanisms andindustry including wood, steel,CON 2233 - Construction spectroscopy. Labs associated withconcrete, and soils. (3,2,2)Systems II this course acquaint students with important manipulations andCON 1223 - Plans andCredit(s): 3 procedures, and the preparation andDocument Interpretation study of organicCommon practices of construction compounds. Prerequisite: CHEusing engineering techniques to 1214 and CHE 1224. (5,3,4)Credit(s): 3 determine relations betweenequipment production and design CHE 2435 - OrganicGraphic techniques used in thecriteria. Prerequisite: CON 1233. construction industry. This course Chemistry II, Lecture and(3,2,2) includes computation of areas and Laboratoryvolumes, interpretation of construction plans and specifications,CON 2313 - Construction Credit(s): 5and symbols and terms used in theLayout residential, commercial, and heavy A combined lecture and laboratoryconstruction industry. (3,2,2)Credit(s): 3 course that covers spectroscopy, aromatic compounds, carbonylCON 1233 - ConstructionPrinciples of site preparation and compounds, and other complexSystems Ilayout of structures. Use levels, tapes, compounds with emphasis onand surveying instruments. Triangle reactions and their mechanisms. Labscalculations, differential leveling, and 284'