b"erection of batter boards and markersCredit(s): 2theory and lab practice as governed by are included. (3,1,4)Mississippi cosmetology laws, rules, This course will cover the history,and regulations involved in CON 2413 - Constructioncareer opportunities, life skills,cosmetology practices and safety Safety Standardsprofessional image, Mississippiprecautions associated with each. Cosmetology laws; rules and(3,2,3) regulations, and communicating for Credit(s): 3success in the cosmetology industry.COV 1426 - Hair Care I Included are classroom theory and lab Management of safety and health inpractice as governed by Mississippi the construction environment. Basiccosmetology laws, rules, andCredit(s): 6 elements of a safety and healthregulations involved in cosmetology program for the construction generalpractices and safety precautionsThis course consists of the study of contractor are examined to includeassociated with each. (2,2,0)properties of the hair and scalp; Occupational Safety and Healthprinciples of hair design; shampooing, Administration (OSHA). (3,2,2)rinsing, and conditioning; haircutting; COV 1245 - Cosmetologyhairstyling; braiding and braid Sciences Iextensions; wigs and hair CON 2513 - Leadership and enhancements; chemical texture Organizationservices; and hair coloring. Included Credit(s): 5 are classroom theory and lab practice Credit(s): 3This course consists of the study ofas governed by Mississippi bacteriology, sterilization, andcosmetology laws, rules, and Study of the effective leadership andsanitation. Included are classroomregulations involved in cosmetology management styles in the constructiontheory and lab practice as governed bypractices and safety precautions industry. This includes organization ofMississippi cosmetology laws, rules,associated with each. (6,2,12) the construction industry at the local,and regulations involved in state, and national levels. (3,2,2)cosmetology practices and safetyCOV 1436 - Hair Care II precautions associated with each. CON 2523 - Project(5,3,6)Credit(s): 6 Management COV 1255 - CosmetologyThis course consists of the advanced Credit(s): 3Sciences IIstudy of properties of the hair and scalp; principles of hair design; This course introduces tools andCredit(s): 5shampooing, rinsing, and techniques used in projectconditioning; haircutting; hairstyling; management. Topics include definingThis course consists of the study ofbraiding and braid extensions; wigs project scope, identifying and trackinganatomy and physiology. Included areand hair enhancements; chemical risks, identify professionalclassroom theory and lab practice astexture services; and hair coloring. development plan; analyze primarygoverned by Mississippi cosmetologyIncluded are classroom theory and lab project documents including planning,laws, rules, and regulations involvedpractice as governed by Mississippi estimating, scheduling, resourcein cosmetology practices and safetycosmetology laws, rules, and control, and quality control; andprecautions associated with each.regulations involved in cosmetology identify the Project Managers' role for(5,3,6)practices and safety precautions continuous improvement. (3,2,2)associated with each. (6,2,12) COV 1263 - CosmetologyCOV 1443 - Hair Care III Cosmetology (COV)Sciences III Credit(s): 3 COV 1122 - CosmetologyCredit(s): 3 OrientationThis course consists of the practical This course consists of the applicationapplications of the study of properties and demonstration of chemistry andof the hair and scalp; principles of hair electricity. Included are classroom 285"