b'COV 2836 - CosmetologyCredit(s): 3problems. Emphasis is placed on the Teacher Training IIIhistory, development, and Practicum in an approved criminalenforcement of statutes pertaining to justice agency under supervision ofmotor vehicles. (3,3,0) Credit(s): 6the agency concerned and college instructor. Written evaluation required Instruction will be given inCRJ 2313 - Police Operations of agency. Prerequisites for the 3 hour development of appropriate lessoninternship are: CRJ 1313, CRJ 1323. plans and practical application ofMust be a minimum of 18 years ofCredit(s): 3 cosmetology instruction. (6,3,9)age. (3,0,9) Prerequisites for the 12 hour internship are: Completion of allA study of the operation of law COV 2846 - Cosmetologylecture courses. Must be a minimumenforcement agencies. Particular emphasis is placed on the functions of Teacher Training IVof 21 years of age. (12,0,40) the patrol division. (3,3,0) Credit(s): 6CRJ 1363 - Introduction toCRJ 2323 - Criminal Law Corrections Instruction will be given in classroom management techniques; cosmetologyCredit(s): 3 Credit(s): 3 laws, rules, and regulations; and practical application of cosmetologyBasic elements of substantive criminal An overview of the correctional field;law including defenses to criminal instruction. (6,2,12)its origins, historical and liability. (3,3,0) philosophical background, Criminal Justice (CRJ)development, current status, relationship with other facets of theCRJ 2333 - Criminal criminal justice system. (3,3,0)Investigation I CRJ 1313 - Introduction to Criminal JusticeCRJ 1373 - Introduction toCredit(s): 3 Homeland Security Credit(s): 3Principles of investigation; proper collection, documentation, and History, development, and philosophyCredit(s): 3preservation of evidence. (3,3,0)of law enforcement in a democraticsociety, introduction to agenciesThe issues pertaining to the role and involved in the administration ofmission of the Department of Homeland Security and relatedCRJ 2393 - Survey of criminal justice; career orientation. (3,3,0)agencies, both domestic andCriminalistics international. (3,3,0) CRJ 1323 - PoliceCredit(s): 3 Administration andCRJ 1383 - Criminology The study and application of scientific Organizationevidence collection through various Credit(s): 3 projects.(3,3,0) Credit(s): 3The study of criminal behavior to include theories, statistics, and trendsCRJ 2413 - Administration of Principles of organization andof criminal behavior. (3,3,0)Criminal Procedure administration in law enforcement as applied to law enforcement agencies; introduction to concepts ofCRJ 2213 - Traffic LawCredit(s): 3 organizational behavior. (3,3,0) Credit(s): 3A study of the legal concepts of CRJ 1353 - Internship forcriminal procedure.(3,3,0) An examination of the role of law Criminal Justiceenforcement in coping with trafficCRJ 2513 - Juvenile Justice 287'