b"Credit(s): 3elevations, and specifications tables.commercial buildings, and (4.3,2)apartment/townhouse complexes. Organization, functions, and(2,1,2) jurisdiction of juvenile agencies.CRM 1214 - Carpentry Processing, detention, and dispositionCRM 1514 - Electrical of cases. Statutes and court procedures applied to juveniles.Credit(s): 4 (3,3,0)Credit(s): 4 Basic course in carpentry skills required to perform buildingBasic electrical diagnosis and repair Comm/Residentialmaintenance activities. Covers thetechniques including basic circuit Construction (CRM)installation methods and materialstheory, safety and grounding available to make repairs to buildingessentials, wiring systems, circuitry, structures using accepted tradeand electrical troubleshooting. (4,2,3) CRM 1114 - Fundamentals ofpractices. (4,1,6) Maintenance ServicesCRM 1614 - Heating CRM 1223 - Surface Finishes,Ventilating, and Air Credit(s): 4Conditioning Credit(s): 3 Emphasis on basic concepts and practices in the maintenance programsCredit(s): 4 Various techniques and processes of for commercial and residentialsurface cleaning, preparation, and facilities including scheduling, workBasic principles, operation, repair. (3,0,3)maintenance, and repair of heating, order systems, workforce management, inventory control,ventilation, and air conditioning in safety, and right-to-know programs.CRM 1314 - Masonryresidential and light commercial (4,2,2)buildings. (4,2,3) Credit(s): 4 CRM 1123 - MaintenanceCRM 1714 - Special Techniques of brick, block, andProblems in Welding Regulationsceramic tile laying and repairing processes to include safety practices. Credit(s): 3 (4,1,4)Credit(s): 4Basic information on the variousBasic course in the development of CRM 1414 - Plumbingwelding skills in the safe use of the federal, state, and local regulations agencies that govern maintenanceoxyfuel and arc welding techniques. operations and practices, includingCredit(s): 4 Occupational and Safety Health ActCRM 2915 - Special Projects (OSHA), Environmental ProtectionBasic design, function, maintenance,in CRM Agency (EPA), and American withrepair, and replacement of all types of Disabilities Act (ADA).(3,2,2)light commercial and residential plumbing fixtures. (4,1,6)Credit(s): 5CRM 1134 - MathematicsPractical application of skills and CRM 1432 - Landscape and Blueprint Interpretationknowledge gained in other building Irrigationmaintenance courses. The instructor Credit(s): 4works closely with the student to Credit(s): 2insure that the selection of a project Basic instruction in mathematics andwill enhance the student's learning the methods of interpretingBasic use of irrigation in residentialexperience. (5,0,10) information and the relationship ofand light commercial applications. details and sections to an overallSprinkler designs and plans, practices,Computer Science (CSC) blueprint utilizing scale drawings,equipment, and maintenance for symbols, abbreviations, floor plans,single-family dwellings, light 288"