b'CSC 1123 - Computercomponent.) Prerequisite: MATCST 1213 - Networking I Applications I1313 or MAT 1314 and CSC 1213 , previous programming experience orCredit(s): 3 permission of instructor. (4,3,2) Credit(s): 3 Concepts of telephony, local area This course is designed to teachCSC 2144 - Programming IInetworks, wide area networks, data computer applications toincludewith Ctransmission, and topology methods. word processing, electronic(3,2,2) spreadsheets, database management,Credit(s): 4 presentation design, and electronicCST 1333 - Operating communications. (This will satisfyThis course is designed to be aSystems most university requirements for acontinuation of program and "computer science" course althoughalgorithm development and analysis, some university programs requireCredit(s): 3 search/sort methods, dynamic only CSC 1113 . Check with yourmemory management, abstract data specific university program for theirStudy of operating systems. Emphasis types and object-oriented design,will be placed on support personnel computer literacy requirement.)designing and debugging larger (3,3,0)interaction with operating systems and programs. (Course has a required labrelated software applications. (3,2,2) component.) Prerequisite: CSC 2134 - CSC 1213 - Visual BASICProgramming I with C. (4,3,2) CST 1613 - Security Computer Programming IFundamentals CSC 2844 - Data Structures Credit(s): 3 Credit(s): 4Credit(s): 3 This course is designed to introduce the writing of event-drivenprogramsThis course includes advanced dataFundamentals of IT security. Topics using the Visual Basic computerabstraction and correspondinginclude identifying risks and programming language with emphasisalgorithms, memory management,participating in risk mitigation on problem solving, documentation,searching and sorting techniques, hashactivities; providing infrastructure, program statements, algorithms, andtables, and algorithmapplication, operational, and common routines. Course has lectureanalysis. Prerequisites: CSC 1134,information security; applying with integrated labCSC 1144. (4,3,2) security controls to maintain components. Prerequisite:a) confidentiality, integrity, and minimum ACT score of 19 on theavailability; identifying appropriate math component, b) credit for MATtechnologies and products; IT Specialist Technologytroubleshooting security events and 1313 , or c) permission of the instructor. (3,3,0)(CST)incidents; and operating with an awareness of applicable policies, laws, and regulations. (3,2,2) CSC 2134 - Programming ICST 1123 - Basic IT with CHardwareCST 1713 - Server Administration I Credit(s): 4Credit(s): 3An introduction to problem solvingA survey of computer hardwareCredit(s): 3 methods, algorithm development,components. Topics include hardware designing, debugging, andcompatibility, system architecture,Fundamentals of server support. documentation in C language withinput devices, video displays andTopics include support of server a variety of applications including 1/0adapters, disk drives, and other relatedhardware, installation, and statements, operators,peripherals. Pre-requisite CST 2113 .configuration of server operating conditional, looping,(3,2,2)systems, and asset management. methods/functions, and array(3,2,2) processing. (Course has a required lab 289'