b'Credit(s): 3pies, cakes, cookies, and quick breadsconsiderations, schedules, and and use and care for equipment.profitability. (3,3,0) This course includes basic safety, anPrerequisite: HRT 1114 (5,3,4) introduction to construction math, anCUT 2243 - Dining Room introduction to hand and power tools,CUT 1153 - Introduction toManagement an introduction to constructionCulinary Arts drawings, employability skills and communications. (ApproximatelyCredit(s): 3 72.5 clock hours should be allotted inCredit(s): 3 this course to satisfy requirements toThis course focuses on management test for NCCER Core certification. This course is designed as anof a restaurant dining room including Instructors for this course must beintroduction to the culinary artsgood housekeeping technique, fine certifed as an NCCER Instructor.)industry. The course includesfood, and efficient service. It covers (3,2,2)discussions and industry observationsFrench, Russian, American, and to discover the opportunities, trends,English waited table service, limited problems, and organizations in theservice, counter, tray, service, and Culinary Arts (CUT) field. (3,3,0)catering. Emphasis will be placed on staffing, scheduling, controls and CUT 1114 - CulinaryCUT 1513 - Garde Mangerskills required to effectively supervise Principles Ia dining room operation. (3,2,2) Credit(s): 3 Credit(s): 4CUT 2314 - American This course provides orientation toRegional Cuisine Fundamentals of food preparation andgarnishing, preparation of charcuterue cookery emphasizing high standardsitems, cold foods, and buffetCredit(s): 4 for preparation of meat, poultry,presentation. It explores the various seafood, vegetables, soups, stocks,duties of the modern garde manger.This exploration of the American and farinaceous items. (4,2,4)Prerequisite: HRT 1114 (3,1,4)Cuisine concept emphasizes freshness, seasonality, nutrition, CUT 1124 - CulinaryCUT 1613 - Nutritionindigenous ingredients, and Principles IIpresentation. It is a thorough study Credit(s): 3into the cuisine characteristics and traditions of the various regions of the Credit(s): 4United States of America. (4,2,4) This course provides information on a This course offers advanced study andstudy of nutrients as related to application of Culinary Principles I topersonal health, foods and foodCUT 2424 - International polish and perfect the techniques ofpreparation, recipe or menuCuisine food preparation and cookerymodification for special customer emphasizing high standards for foodneeds, and merchandising techniquesCredit(s): 4 preparation. Prerequisite: HRT 1114associated with nutritious (4,2,4)meals.(3,1,4)This course is a study of cuisines of the world with emphasis on use of CUT 1135 - Principles ofCUT 2223 - Menu Planningauthentic ingredients, methods, and Bakingterminology. Prerequisites: CUT 1124 Credit(s): 3, CUT 1114 or HRT 1114, or permission of instructor. (4,2,4) Credit(s): 5 This course focuses on the principlesand concepts of menu planning, menuCUT 2923 - Supervised Work This course focuses on fundamentals of baking science, terminology,formats, and layout with regard to aExperience for Culinary Arts wide variety of eating habits and taste ingredients, weights and measures,Technology of the dining public. Emphasis will be and formula conversion and storage. on pricing, menu design, Students will prepare yeast goods, merchandising, tools, nutritional 291'