b'symbols used by structural fabricatorsCredit(s): 3Credit(s): 4 and erectors are studied. Knowledge is gained in the use of the A.I.S.C.This course is designed to provide theThe content of this course was Handbook. Problems are studied thatstudent with an understanding of thedeveloped for a designer apprentice involve structural designing andship as a whole and the process ofposition. This course will place an drawing of beams, columns,ship design and planning. (3,2,2)emphasis on the integration of hull connections, trusses, and bracingand marine systems into a complete (steel, concrete, and wood). StudentsDDT 2563 - Introduction tovessel package. The design and will utilize 2D or 3D software.Steel Shipbuilding andanalysis of general guidance, hull Prerequisite: DDT 1163, DDTstructure, propulsion, electrical, 1313 and DDT 1323 (3,1,4)Blueprint Readingcommand and surveillance, auxiliary systems, outfitting and furnishing and DDT 2243 - Cost EstimatingCredit(s): 3annament are investigated. Included is the study of equipment installation, This course provides instruction inplating, bulkheads, propulsion Credit(s): 3basic steel ship building, blueprintsystems, power generation, and reading and the process of ship designcombat systems, HVAC and weapons Preparation of material and laborand planning. (3,2,2)management. (4,4,0) quantity surveys from actual working drawings and specifications. (3,2,2) DDT 2623 - ArchitecturalDDT 2813 - Inventor 3D DDT 2253 - Statics andDesign IIModel and Animation Strength of Materials Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 3Emphasizes standard procedures andThis course will provide instruction working drawings. Details involvingon the 3D applications of lnventor. It Study of forces acting on bodies;architectural, mechanical, electrical,emphasizes the development of 3D moments of forces; stress of materials;and structural drawings are covered,parametric models and the ability to basic machine design; and beams,along with presentation of drawingsgenerate 2D drawings, details and columns, and connections.and computer-aided designrenderings from the model. This Prerequisite: MAT 1313. (3,2,2)assignments. Prerequisite: DDT 1613.course will also provide the utilization (3,1,4)of assembly drawings and animation DDT 2373 - 3D Modelingof working parts. (3,1,4)DDT 2643 - Naval Credit(s): 3Architecture and ShipDDT 2823 - Revit StructuresArchitecture This course will emphasize the user coordinate system and 3-D modeling. Prerequisite:DDT 1163, DDTCredit(s): 3Credit(s): 3 1313 and DDT 1323 . (3,1,4) This course provides an in-depthThis course provides instruction on insight to the overall shipbuildingthe 3D applications of Revit DDT 2523 - Pipe DraftingArchitecture. It emphasizes the process. It begins with a brief history of shipbuilding and proceeds into thedevelopment of 3D parametric models Credit(s): 3shipbuilding processes, the types ofand the ability to generate 2D steel used in ship manufacturing,drawings, details and renderings from Instruction in basic steel ship buildingwelding and testing processes used inthe model. This course will also and the process of ship design andship construction and integration ofprovide the animation walk thru of the planning. Prerequisite: DDT 1163,various components into a functional3D building. (3,1,4) DDT 1313 and DDT 1323 (3,1,4)vessel. (3,2,2) DDT 2913 - Special Project DDT 2543 - Steel ShipDDT 2664 - Marine Systems Building and DesignIntegration 293'