b"EET 1114 - DC CircuitsEET 1334 - Solid StateCredit(s): 4 Devices and Circuits Credit(s): 4Advanced semiconductor devices and linear integrated circuits. Emphasis is Credit(s): 4placed on linear integrated circuits Principles and theories associated with DC circuits. This course includesused with operational amplifiers, Active devices that include PNactive filters, voltage regulators, the study of electrical circuits, lawsjunction diodes, bipolar transistors, and formulae, and the use of testtimers, and phase-locked loops. bipolar transistor circuits, andPrerequisite: EET 1334. (4,3,2) equipment to analyze DC circuits.unipolar devices with emphasis on (4,2,4)low-frequency application and troubleshooting. Pre/corequisites:EET 2354 - Solid State Motor EET 1123 - AC CircuitsEET 1123, EET 1114. (4,2,4)Control Credit(s): 3EET 1343 - Motor ControlCredit(s): 4 Systems Principles and theories associatedThe course covers the principles and with AC circuits. This course includesoperation of solid state motor control Credit(s): 3as well as the design, installation, and the study of electrical circuits, laws and formulae, and the use of testmaintenance of different solid state This course covers installation ofdevices for motor control. (4,2,4) equipment to analyze AC circuits.different motor control circuits and Principles and theories associateddevices.Emphasis is placed on with DC circuits. This course includesdeveloping the student's ability toEET 2363 - Programmable the study of electrical circuits, lawsdiagram, wire, and troubleshoot theLogic Controllers and formulae, and the use of testdifferent circuits and mechanical equipment to analyze DC circuits.control devices. (3,2,2) Prerequisites: EET 1114. (3,2,2)Credit(s): 3EET 1613 - ComputerThis course covers the use of EET 1174 - Fluid Powerprogrammable logic controllers Fundamentals for (PLCs) in modern industrial settings Credit(s): 4Electronics/Electricityas well as the operating principles of PLCs and practice in the This basic course provides instructionCredit(s): 3programming, installation, and in hydraulics and pneumatics.Themaintenance of PLCs. (3,1,4) course covers actuators, accumulators,Basic computer science as used in valves, pumps, motors, coolers,electricity/electronics areas. ComputerEET 2364 - Programmable compression of air, control devices,nomenclature, logic, numbering and circuit diagrams.Emphasis issystems, coding, and operating systemLogic Controllers placed on the development of controlcommands are covered. (3,2,2) circuits and troubleshootingCredit(s): 4 techniques.(4,3,2)EET 1713 - Drafting for This course covers use of Electronics Technology EET 1214 - Digitalprogrammable logic controllers (PLCs) in modern industrial settings ElectronicsCredit(s): 3as well as the operating principles of PLCs and practice in the Credit(s): 4Preparation and interpretation ofprogramming, installation, and schematics, block diagrams, flowmaintenance of PLCs. (4,2,4) Number systems, logic circuits,charts, and PCB prototyping. (3,1,4) counters, registers, memory devices,EET 2414 - Electronic combination logic circuits, BooleanEET 2334 - LinearCommunications algebra, and a basic computer systemIntegrated Circuits (4,3,2) 295"