b"Credit(s): 4Credit(s): 3Electrical Coderequirements, and three-phase distribution networks. This course is designed to provide theA lecture course covering thePrerequisites:ELT 1233 . (3,2,2) student with concepts and skillsequilibrium of point objects and related to analog and digitalextended objects in two and threeELT 1133 - Applications of communications. Topics covereddimensions using vector algebra. Alsothe National Electrical Code include amplitude and frequencydiscussed are distributed forces, modulation, transmission, andstructures, friction, and moments of reception; data transmission formatsinertia in two and three dimensions.Credit(s): 3 and codes; and modulationPrerequisite: Credit or enrollment in demodulation of digitalMAT 1623, Calculus II-A. (3,3,0)The course is designed to place communications. Prerequisite: EETemphasis on developing the student's 1334. (4,2,4)EGR 2433 - Engineeringability to locate, interpret and properly apply information in the National Mechanics IIElectrical Code in real-world EET 2423 - Fundamentals of applications. (3,2,2) Fiber OpticsCredit(s): 3 ELT 1143 - AC and DC Credit(s): 3A lecture course that coversCircuits for Electrical kinematics of particles and rigid Fiber-optic cable in modern industrybodies, kinetics of particles and rigidTechnology applications. Corequisite: EET 2334.bodies using force-mass acceleration, (3,2,2)energy, and momentum methods.Credit(s): 3 Prerequisites: EGR 2413 and credit or EET 2514 - Interfacingenrollment in MAT 2613 , CalculusPrinciples and theories associated TechniquesIII. (3,3,0)with AC and DC circuits used in the electrical trades. Includes the study of Electrical Technologyelectrical circuits, laws, and formulas, Credit(s): 4and the use of test equipment to (ELT)analyze AC and DC circuits. (3,1,4). Data acquisition devices and systems including their interface toELT 1113 - ResidentialELT 1183 - Industrial Wiring microprocessors and other control systems. (4,2,4)Wiring Credit(s): 3 EET 2913 - Special ProjectCredit(s): 3 This course includes instruction and Advanced skills related to the wiringpractice in the installation of industrial Credit(s): 3electrical services including the types of single and multifamily buildings. of conduit and other raceways, Includes instruction and practice in Practical application of skills andNational Electrical Codeservice-entrance installation, National knowledge gained in other technicalrequirements, and three-phase Electrical Coderequirements, and courses. The instructor works closelydistribution networks. Prerequisite: specialized circuits. Prerequisite:with the student to ensure that theELT 1113 (3,2,2)ELT 1123 (3,2,2) selection of a project will enhance thestudent's learning experience. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.ELT 1123 - Commercial (3,0,6)WiringELT 1193 - Fundamentals of Electricity Engineering (EGR)Credit(s): 3 Credit(s): 3 Instruction and practice in the EGR 2413 - Engineeringinstallation of commercial electricalFundamental skills associated with all Mechanics Iservices including the types of conduitelectrical courses. Safety, basic tools, and other raceways, Nationalspecial tools, equipment, and an 296"