b"introduction to simple AC and DCElectrical Codewill be required.fluids, coolers, and filters.Emphasis circuits will be included. (3,2,2)Prerequsite: ELT 1213 . (3,2,2)is placed on development of hydraulic control circuits, electrical interfacing ELT 1213 - Electrical PowerELT 1263 - Electricaltechniques and troubleshooting. Drawings and Schematics(3,2,2) Credit(s): 3 ELT 1373 - Industrial Credit(s): 3 Electrical motors and theirPneumatics for Electrical installation. Instruction and practice inThis course introduces architectural,Technology using the different types of electricalindustrial, mechanical, and electrical motors, transformers, and alternators.symbols needed to read blueprints,Credit(s): 3 Prerequisite: ELT 1143 . (3,2,2)schematic diagrams. Prints and drawings associated with electricalThis course introduces the students to ELT 1223 - Motorwiring will be studied. Prerequisite:basic pneumatic principles, Maintenance andELT 1253 . (3,2,2)compression of air, work devices, Troubleshootingcontrol devices, and circuit diagrams.ELT 1273 - SwitchingEmphasis is placed on development of Circuits for Residential,pneumatic control circuits, Credit(s): 3electromechanical control of fluid Commercial, and Industrial power, and troubleshooting Principles and practice of electricalApplicationstechniques. (3,2,2) motor repair includes topics on the disassembly/assembly and preventiveCredit(s): 3 maintenance of common electricalELT 1413 - Motor Control motors are discussed. (3,2,2)Systems Introduction to various methods by which switches and control devices ELT 1233 - Fundamentals ofare installed. It includes installationCredit(s): 3 Electricity, Construction, andand operation of Manufacturingresidential/commercial automationThis course includes the installation of systems. (3,2,2)different motor control circuits and devices. Emphasis is placed on Credit(s): 3developing the student's ability to ELT 1283 - Cost Estimation diagram, wire, and troubleshoot the This course is designed to introducefor Electrical Installationdifferent circuits and mechanical students to the fundamental skillscontrol devices. Prerequisite:ELT associated with all electrical courses.Credit(s): 31263 . (3,2,2) Safety, basic tools, special tools, equipment, and an introduction toThis course gives students theELT 1563 - Low Voltage and simple AC and DC circuits will beknowledge and ability to estimate the included. (3,2,2)Special Systems for Electrical cost of an electrical installation using specifications for various structures.Technology ELT 1253 - Branch Circuit(3,2,2) and Service EntranceCredit(s): 3 CalculationsELT 1363 - Industrial Hydraulics for ElectricalThis course provides information and hands-on experience in installation, Credit(s): 3Technologyoperation, troubleshooting, and repair of residential- and commercial-use The course is designed to teachCredit(s): 3low voltage and communication students the calculations of circuitsystems, including analog and digital sizes for all branch circuits andThis course introduces the students tokey systems. (3,2,2) service entrances in all electricalbasic hydraulics, hydraulic actuators, installation. Proper use of the Nationalaccumulators valves, pumps, motors, 297"