b'ELT 2113 - Equipmentsequential function chart, introductionThis course integrates complex Maintenance,to HMI, and logical and conversionknowledge of anatomy, physiology, instructions will be included.and pathophysiology into the Troubleshooting, and Repair Prerequisites: ELT 2613 -assessment to develop and implement Programmable Logic Controllers anda treatment plan with the goal of Credit(s): 3ELT 1413 - Motor Control Systems.assuring a patient airway, adequate (3,2,2)mechanical ventilation, and Maintenance and troubleshootingrespiration for patients of all ages. techniques, use of technical manualsEmergency Medical and This course also includes a lab that and test equipment, andwill integrate comprehensive inspection/evaluation/repair ofParamedic (EMS/EMT)knowledge of anatomy, physiology, equipment. (3,2,2)and pathophysiology into the *The Prerequisite for all advanced- assessment to develop and implement ELT 2423 - Solid State Motorlevel EMS courses identified by an *a treatment plan with the goal of Controlis the successful completion of EMTensuring a patent airway, adequate 1118 - EMT Basic Course . Further,mechanical ventilation, and all first semester EMS-prefacedrespirations for patients of all ages. Credit(s): 3 (3, 2, 2) courses are prerequisite for second Principles and operation of solid statesemester courses, and all second motor control, and variable frequencysemester courses are prerequisite forEMS 1325 - Concepts of drives. The design, installation, andthird semester courses.Cardiovascular Medicine maintenance of different solid state devices for motor control will beEMS 1133 - Foundations ofCredit(s): 5 introduced. Prerequisite: ELT 2113.Paramedicine (3,1,4)This course consists of the theory, Credit(s): 3anatomy, physiology, ELT 2613 - Programmablepathophysiology and treatments Logic ControllersThis course consists of aassociated with the conditions of the comprehensive review of thecardiovascular system. This includes knowledge base and skill set of thethe theory of introductory, advanced, Credit(s): 3and multi-lead electrocardiogram Emergency Medical Technician.History of EMS, Well-Being of theinterpretation.Changes in the This course provides instruction in thelifespan will also be included.It is use of programmable logic controllersEMT, medical legal issues, communication and documentationalso a laboratory experience designed (PLCs) in modern industrial settings.to give psychomotor experience to the The operating principles, installationwill be expanded to the role of the paramedic.This course includes thetheoretical concepts developed in the and basic programming of PLCs willlecture.(5, 3, 4) be covered. Prerequisite: ELT 2423.theory related to (3,2,2)intravenous/intraosseous access, medication administration, patientEMS 1514 - Practicum I assessment, and introductory ELT 2623 - Advancedpharmacological calculations.It also Credit(s): 4 Programmable Logicincludes a laboratory experience Controllersdesigned to give psychomotorUsing supervised rotations in a experience to the theoretical conceptsdefinitive care setting, the students Credit(s): 3developed in the lecture.(3, 2, 2)will apply the concepts developed in the didactic and laboratory courses to This is an advanced PLC course thatEMS 1213 - Concepts oflive patients. This will include, but not provides instruction in the variousAirway and Respiratorybe limited to rotations in the operations and installations ofMedicineemergency department, ICU, OR, advanced electrical control systems.respiratory therapy, and pediatrics. Information in areas such as (4,0,12 clinical) sequencer, program control,Credit(s): 3 introduction to function blocks, 298'