b'selected by a ranking system; refer to the "Programs of Study" section for more information about admissions requirements for these programs. 5.An applicant less than 18 years of age should be a high school graduate. An exception may be made when recommended by the secondary school last attended by the applicant and with the permission of the applicant\'s parent or guardian. 6.An applicant may be required to meet specific requirements to be eligible for admission to a specific career program. 7.Applicants are not officially accepted until all admission requirements are met by providing proper documentation. Documentation must be provided before enrollment or by the Friday of the 4th week of class. Students failing to do shall be placed on hold and denied continued enrollment. MIBEST The Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College MIBEST program offers Mississippi residents, without a high school diploma, the opportunity to enroll in select Career/Technical programs, earning 15 college credits while simultaneously pursing a High School Equivalency.The MIBEST program is available at all MGCCC College Campuses and Centers, affording students all rights and privileges of full-time students.The MIBEST program is offered at no cost to qualifying students for their first semester of attendance.MIBEST students are encouraged to continue their educational pursuit by enrolling the following semester as a full-time college student or seeking full-time employment. Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit High School Students MGCCC encourages qualified high school students to apply for admission under the college\'s dual-enrollment/dual-credit program. Through dual enrollment, academically talented students are able to enroll at MGCCC while still attending high school classes. Students involved in dual credit courses may be eligible to receive high school and college credit concurrently. Students must meet the following provisions: 1.Complete the application for admission. 2.Submit the Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit Verification Form signed by their high school counselor or principal stating that the student has completed either 14 units with a 3.0 or better grade point average on a 4.0 grading scale, or has achieved a minimum composite score of 30 on the ACT test. If meeting the ACT test requirement, official scores must be submitted to the Admissions Office. 3.Provide official high school transcript indicating grades through the last semester of attendance.The above requirements should be completed well in advance of the intended semester of enrollment. A discussion with a college enrollment specialist concerning course selections must be completed before registration takes place. Dual enrolled students may register for a maximum of 6 hours per semester. Credit earned through the dual-enrollment/dual-credit program will be awarded once a student has completed high school graduation requirements and final official transcripts have been received. Out-of-State Students Out-of-state students who meet the standard admission requirements will be accepted for admission to Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College. The student should schedule an appointment with an enrollment specialist to have transfer coursework evaluated (if applicable). All out-of-state/out-of-country/non-resident students should refer to the following section for definitions and conditions that determine whether a student is a resident or non-resident student. Determining Residency for Tuition Purposes The definitions and conditions stated herein are excerpts taken from Mississippi statutory law, Mississippi code, Title 37, Chapter 103, sections 1 to 29 and Title 37, Chapter 155, Section 5 which govern residency and fees of students attending or applying for admission to educational institutions. Request for a review of residency classification should be submitted to the campus Director of Admissions and Records. 1.Legal Residence of an Adult: The residence of an adult is the domicile, i.e., the place where the person physically resides with the intention of remaining or returning to if temporarily absent. MCA 37-103-13. 2.For purposes of determining whether a person pays out-of-state or in-state tuition for attendance at universities and community and junior colleges, the residence of a person less than twenty-one (21) years of age is that of the father, the mother or a general guardian duly appointed by a proper court in Mississippi. If a court has granted custody of the minor to 29'