b'Prerequisite: ENG 1123H orENGCredit(s): 3EPY 2513 - Child Psychology 1123. (3,3,0) Designed for students who have aCredit(s): 3 ENG 2323 - Britishspecial interest in World Literature Literature Iand who have at least a "B" average inA study of various aspects of human Freshman Composition. A survey ofgrowth and development during selected writing of the Ancient Worldchildhood and emerging adolescence. Credit(s): 3period, Middle ages, and the Topics include biological, Renaissance. (Enrollment throughpsychosocial and cognitive This course surveys British literatureinvitation.) Prerequisite: ENG 1123 or from the Anglo-Saxon Period throughdevelopment . Prerequisite: PSY ENG 1123H. (3,3,0)1513. (3,3,0) the Restoration and Eighteenth Century. Prerequisite:ENG 1123 orENG 2433 - World ENG 1123H. (3,3,0)EPY 2533 - Human Growth Literature IIand Development ENG 2333 - British Literature IICredit(s): 3Credit(s): 3This course surveys textsA study of various aspects of human Credit(s): 3representative of global, historical, growth and development from and cultural diversity from theconception through death. Topics This course surveys British literatureEnlightenment Period to the present. from the Romantic Period to present.include biological, psychosocial and Prerequisite: ENG 1123H or ENGcognitive development. Prerequisites: Prerequisite: ENG 1123H orENG1123. (3,3,0) 1123. (3,3,0)PSY 1513. (3,3,0) ENG 2513 - African- Family and Consumer ENG 2333H - Honors BritishAmerican Literature Literature IIStudies (FCS) Credit(s): 3 Credit(s): 3FCS 1253 - Nutrition ENG 2513 surveys literature of major ENG 2333 surveys British LiteratureAfrican American writers from itsA lecture course covering the from the Romantic Period through thebeginnings to the present.nutrients for normal growth and Twentieth Century. Prerequisite: ENGPrerequisite: ENG 1113 and ENGprevention of major chronic diseases, 1123H. (3,3,0)1123. (3,3,0)and applied to the selection of food for ingestion, the metabolic process of ENG 2423 - WorldENG 2613 - Film asdigestion, assimilation and absorption, Literature ILiteratureand the applications for healthcare providers. Prerequisite: BIO 1134, Credit(s): 3BIO 2514, and BIO 2524 Credit(s): 3recommended. (3,3,0)This course surveys textsFilm as Literature. A study of current representativeof global, historical,and classic motion pictures as a formFamily Services and cultural diversity from the ancientof literary, historic, and cinematicPracticum (FSP) world through the early modernexpression with an emphasis on world. Prerequisite: ENG 1123H or American culture. Prerequisite: ENG ENG 1123. (3,3,0)1113 or ENG 1114 . (3,3,0)FSP 2113 - Family Services Practicum I ENG 2423H - Honors WorldEducational Psychology Literature I(EPY)Credit(s): 3This course is designed for Family 301'