b"Services Navigation majors as a pre- location. Consent of theCredit(s): 3 professional field experiencePersonal/Family Navigator program broadening the student's publicdirector required. Eight hours clinicFundamentals of the strategic business knowledge and expanding theper week. Pre/corequisites: Admissionprocesses of a casino organization experiences associated with personalinto a PHT/Navigator Concentration.from internal and external and family services to enhance thePHT courses must be taken inperspectives. This course will theoretical content learned throughoutcurriculum display.(3,0,8) examine current gaming trends as well the coursework. It is expected that the as evaluate anti-gaming campaigns field experience will afford studentsand their possible cost. Topics include the opportunity to interact andGeometric Dimensioningcasino economics, environmental collaborate with personal and familyfactors including social, political, services professionals and(GDT)legal and competitive forces, organizations with similar missions.consumer behaviors, and development Integral to closing the loop on theGDT 1625 - Fundamentals ofof a corporate culture, internal learning process is the opportunity forcontrols, and future of the gaming students to reflect on the fieldGeometric Dimensioning andindustry. (3,3,0) experience. Students will collaborateTolerancing on the different infrastructures andGMT 1123 - Casino approaches they observed at each fieldCredit(s): 5Customer Service location. Consent of the Personal/Family Navigator programThis course is designed to provide director required. Eight hours clinicstudents with a solid foundation in theCredit(s): 3 per week. Pre/corequisites: Admissionfundamentals of geometric into a PHT/Navigator Concentration.dimensioning and tolerancing.Fundamentals of the theory, practice, PHT courses must be taken inIncludes emphasis on measurementand management of guest service and curriculum display(3,0,8) theory, common terms andhow it impacts the success of a casinodefinitions, profile tolerances,organization with an emphasis on orientation tolerances, locationalservice strategies, staffing issues and FSP 2223 - Family Servicestolerances, runout tolerances, andservice systems. Topics include the form tolerances as they relate todynamics of guest satisfaction, service Practicum IIquality, value, planning and analysis, Machine Tool Technology. (5,3,4) the service environment, training and Credit(s): 3motivation, establishment of a total Geography (GEO)service culture, guest co-production, This course is designed for Familycommunications, service failure Services Navigation majors as a pre- GEO 1113 - World Regionalrecovery techniques, delivery systems professional field experienceGeographyand measurement of service results. broadening the student's public(3,3,0)knowledge and expanding theexperiences associated with personalCredit(s): 3 and family services to enhance theGMT 1133 - Casino Financial theoretical content learned throughoutA regional survey of the basic geographic features and major newAccounting the coursework. It is expected that field experience II will continue todevelopments of the nations of the afford students the opportunity toworld. (3,3,0)Credit(s): 3 interact and collaborate with personal and family services professionals andGaming ManagementFoundation course in the accounting organizations with similar missions.processes applicable to the hotel, Technology (GMT)resort, or casino environment. Integral to closing the loop on the learning process is the opportunity forStudents will be introduced to the students to reflect on the fieldGMT 1113 - Casino Businessgenerally accepted accounting experience. Students will collaborateStrategy & Operationsprinciples and legal requirements of on the different infrastructures andfinancial reporting in the hospitality approaches they observed at each fieldand casino industries. (3,3,0) 302"