b"GMT 1143 - Casino & ResortGRA 1112 - Engineeringtreatments; assisting with elimination MarketingDrawingneeds of clients; assisting in meeting hydration and nutritional needs of the client; basic emergency procedures to Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 2include CPR/first aid; and basic knowledge and skills required to care An in-depth overview of theThe use of instruments, geometricfor the long-term-care resident. Safety application of marketing conceptsconstruction, orthographic projection,is emphasized throughout each within the casino/resort industry.sectional views, and lettering.procedure. Corequisite: Basic Health-Focus on marketing issues unique toIncludes two- dimensional computerCare Assisting (HCA 1116) (4 sch: 2-the gaming industry with specialassisted drafting strategies. (2,0,4)hr lecture, 4-hr lab, 3-hr clinical) attention to application of market segmentation, product differentiationGRA 1143 - Graphic and positioning, and promotion.HCA 1132 - Phlebotomy Communication I Topics include casino promotions, database marketing techniques,Credit(s): 2 discounting, casino hosting, creditCredit(s): 3 procedures, marketing policies andThis intensive 75-hour course of study procedures, amenities, and the casinoInstrumental drawing, geometricis designed to prepare students for marketing plan. (3,3,0)construction, orthographic projection,immediate employment as and descriptive geometry. Includesphlebotomists in the hospital or GMT 1153 - Casino & Resortcomputer aided design (CAD) inclinical setting. The phlebotomist's 2dimensional and 3dimensionalprimary function is to assist the Managementconstruction. (3,1,4)healthcare team in the accurate, safe, and reliable collection and Credit(s): 3Health Care Asssistanttransportation of specimens for clinical laboratory testing. Classes This course will provide an overview(HCA)meet on campus (30 hours) with of the history, development andvariable clinical experiences at local operations of casinos andHCA 1116 - Basic Health- hospitals or clinics. Students will casino/resorts. Topics includeCare Assistingcomplete a minimum 45 hours of economics of the casino, its interfaceclinical training and orientation in an with the hotel, organizations, andaccredited laboratory, and 25 terminology. (3,3,0)Credit(s): 6successful unaided blood collections including venipuncture and skin GMT 1163 - Introduction toThis course includes orientation topunctures. This course meets the program policies, developingeligibility requirements for the Surveillance Operationsemployability and job-seeking skills, National Credentials of Phlebotomy applying legal aspects of health care,Technician (NCPT). (2 sch: 2-hr. lab, Credit(s): 3applying safety considerations,3-hr. clinical) communication and observation skills, This course will discuss the types ofmedical terminology, and basic health surveillance and security that iscare procedures. (6 sch: 2 hr. lecture,HCA 1214 - Body Structure required in gaming operations. An6 hr. lab, 3 hr. clinical)and Function overview of crowd control, terrorist threats, and other major incidentHCA 1124 - Special CareCredit(s): 4 responses will be covered. The courseProcedures will discuss employee securityThis course includes study of the measures. (3,3,0)structure, function, common Credit(s): 4disorders, and normal aging-related Graphics and Drawingchanges of the integumentary, This course includes specializedmusculoskeletal, nervous, circulatory, (GRA)procedures for admitting, transferring,respiratory, digestive, urinary, and discharging clients; assisting withreproductive, endocrine, and sensory diagnostic procedures; assisting withsystems; stages of human growth and 303"