b'development; and nutritional needsCredit(s): 3scholars, faculty, and/or students. through the life cycle. Corequisite:(1,1,0) HCA 1116 (4 sch: 3-hr lecture, 2-hrThis is a survey of American (U.S.) lab)history since 1865. (3,3,0)HON 2911 - Honors Forum III HCA 1312 - Home HealthHealth Information Aide and HomemakerTechnology (HIT)Credit(s): 1 Services Offered fall semester 2016 semesterAdmission is by invitation only. Credit(s): 2following state approval fromInterdisciplinary studies of selected issues confronting the individual and This course includes basic knowledgeThe Mississippi Community Collegesociety with discussions led by and skills required to care for theBoard (MCCB)scholars, faculty, and/or students. homebound client and basic(1,1,0) knowledge and skills required toHIT 1213 - Medical provide homemakerTerminologyHON 2921 - Honors Forum services.Pre/Corequisite: All coreIV courses (2sch: 1-hr lecture, 2-hr lab) Credit(s): 3 Credit(s): 1 This course is a study of medical History (HIS)Admission is by invitation only. language relating to the various body systems including diseases,Interdisciplinary studies of selected HIS 1163 - Worldprocedures, clinical specialties, andissues confronting the individual and Civilizations Iabbreviations. In addition to termsociety with discussions led by definitions, emphasis is placed onscholars, faculty, and/or students. correct spelling and pronunciation.(1,1,0) Credit(s): 3(3,3,0) Health, Physical This is a general survey of world history from ancient times to theHonors (HON)Education, Recreation 1500s. (3,3,0)(HPR) HON 1911 - Honors Forum I HIS 1173 - World NOTE: Every student in an Associate Civilizations IICredit(s): 1of Arts Program is required to take two hours of physical education. Credit(s): 3Admission is by invitation only.Students may, however, take Interdisciplinary studies of selectedadditional semester hours of physical This is a general survey of worldissues confronting the individual andeducation as elective credit and are history since the 1500s. (3,3,0)society with discussions led byencouraged to do so. Students unable scholars, faculty, and/or students.to take physical education courses HIS 2213 - American (U.S.)(1,1,0)may request a substitute. All students History Imust wear appropriate dress for HON 1921 - Honors Forumphysical education classes. Physical IIeducation activity courses will earn Credit(s): 3one semester hour with academic credit. HPR 1213 and HPR 1593 will This is a survey of American (US)Credit(s): 1satisfy the two- or three-hour physical history to 1877. (3,3,0)education requirement at some Admission is by invitation only.universities. HIS 2223 - American (U.S.)Interdisciplinary studies of selected issues confronting the individual and History IIsociety with discussions led by 304'