b'HPR 1111 - General PhysicalCredit(s): 1Rules, techniques, participation and Education Activities Iequipment in (activities) Participation in ___ varsity sport_________________________. (name sport). (1,0,2)(name sport). (1,0,2) Credit(s): 1This course is designed to giveHPR 1141 - Varsity Sports IIHPR 1531 - Individual and students a current concept of physicalDual Sports I education and recreation byCredit(s): 1 developing body skills while engagingCredit(s): 1 in various anaerobic and aerobicParticipation in ____ varsity sport activities. (1,0,2)(name sport). (1,0,2)Rules, techniques, participation and equipment in (activities) HPR 1112 - General PhysicalHPR 1213 - Personal and___________________,___________Education Activities ICommunity Health________. (name sport). (1,0,2) Credit(s): 2Credit(s): 3HPR 1541 - Individual and Dual Sports II This course is designed to giveApplication of principles and students a current concept of physicalpractices of healthful living to theCredit(s): 1 education and recreation byindividual and community; major developing body skills while engaginghealth problems and the mutualRules, techniques, participation and in various anaerobic and aerobicresponsibilities of home, school, andequipment in (activities) activities. (2,0,4)health agencies. (3,3,0)___________________,___________________. (name sport). (1,0,2) HPR 1121 - General PhysicalHPR 1313 - Introduction to Education Activities IIKinesiology/Health, PhysicalHPR 1551 - Fitness and Education, and RecreationConditioning Training I Credit(s): 1 Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 1 This course is designed to give students a current concept of physicalIntroduction to the various fields ofInstruction and practice of basic education and recreation bystudy within kinesiology/health,principles of fitness and conditioning developing body skills while engagingphysical education, and recreation.through a variety of exercises and in various anaerobic and aerobicDiscussion of the responsibilities andactivities. (1,0,2) activities. (1,0,2)opportunities of professional personnel. Orientation of student toHPR 1561 - Fitness and HPR 1122 - General Physicalopportunities in the field. (3,3,0)Conditioning Training II Education Activities II HPR 1511 - Team Sports I Credit(s): 1 Credit(s): 2 Credit(s): 1Instruction and practice of basic This course is designed to giveprinciples of fitness and conditioning students a current concept of physicalRules, techniques, participation andthrough a variety of exercises and education and recreation byequipment in (activities)activities. (1,0,2) developing body skills while engaging__________________________. in various anaerobic and aerobic(name sport). (1,0,2)HPR 1593 - Health Concepts activities. (2,0,4) HPR 1521 - Team Sports IIof Physical Activity, Wellness HPR 1131 - Varsity Sports Iand Nutrition Credit(s): 1305'