b'Credit(s): 3in various anaerobic and aerobicCredit(s): 1 activities. (1,0,2) This course is designed to helpParticipation in ____ varsity sport students develop an understanding ofHPR 2112 - General Physical(name sport). (1,0,2) the concepts of physical fitness andEducation Activities III nutrition for a healthful lifestyle and aHPR 2213 - First Aid and reduced risk of disease. The studentCPR will explore wellness concepts andCredit(s): 2 engage in assessments with emphasis on personal fitness, diseaseThis course is designed to giveCredit(s): 3 prevention, nutrition, and weightstudents a current concept of physical management. (3,3,0)education and recreation byInstruction and practice in methods developing body skills while engagingprescribed in the American Red Cross HPR 1613 - Physicalin various anaerobic and aerobicor American Heart Association activities. (2,0,4)standard and advanced courses. Education and the(3,0,6) Elementary SchoolHPR 2121 - General Physical Education Activities IVHPR 2222 - Lifeguarding and Credit(s): 3Water SafetyThis is a study of the growth andCredit(s): 1 development of children includingCredit(s): 2 their interests and tendencies as itThis course is designed to give relates to elementary physicalstudents a current concept of physicalThis is the American Red Cross education. Educational and physicaleducation and recreation byLifeguard Training with emphasis education philosophy and objectivesdeveloping body skills while engagingtoward certifying lifeguards. This are stressed, as well as methods ofin various anaerobic and aerobiccourse is designed to teach lifeguard teaching. Emphasis is placed onactivities. (1,0,2)candidates the skills and knowledge creating developmentally appropriateneeded to prevent and respond to physical education for elementaryHPR 2122 - General Physicalaquatic emergencies. Swimming students. Theory and laboratory.Education Activities IVprerequisite required. Prerequisite: Completed American Red Cross swimmer level course or have HPR 1813 - Foundations ofCredit(s): 2equivalent skills. (2,0,2) Leisure and Recreation This course is designed to giveHPR 2232 - Water Safety Credit(s): 3students a current concept of physical education and recreation byInstructorAnalysis of the Parks and Recreationdeveloping body skills while engaging profession to provide a basicin various anaerobic and aerobicCredit(s): 2 understanding of leisure as anactivities. (2,0,4) increasingly important component ofThis is the American Red Cross Water our society. (3,3,0)HPR 2131 - Varsity SportsSafety Instructor course with IIIemphasis towards certifying water safety instructors. Techniques of HPR 2111 - General Physicalaquatic instruction, including Education Activities IIICredit(s): 1community water safety and progression swimming are covered. Credit(s): 1Participation in ____ varsity sportSwimming prerequisite required. (name sport). (1,0,2)(2,0,2) This course is designed to give students a current concept of physicalHPR 2141 - Varsity SportsHPR 2323 - Recreational education and recreation byIVLeadership developing body skills while engaging 306'