b'Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 1Credit(s): 1Planning and leadership techniquesRules, techniques, participation andInstruction and practice of basic for conducting organized park andequipment in (activities)principles of fitness and conditioning recreation programs for all ages._______________________. (namethrough a variety of exercises and (3,3,0)sport). (1,0,2)activities. (1,0,2) HPR 2423 - Football TheoryHPR 2521 - Team Sports IVHPR 2723 - Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 1 Credit(s): 3 Explores the theories, practices,Rules, techniques, participation and tactics and strategies involved inequipment in (activities)Theory and practice for the coaching football. Emphasis will be_______________________. (nameprospective athletic trainer or coach in placed upon the objectives, rules,sport). (1,0,2)the prevention and care of athletic regulations, and policies ofinjuries. (3,3,0). competitive athletics, as well as onHPR 2531 - Individual and individual skills, team tactics,Dual Sports IIIHPR 2733 - Introduction to organization and management practices. (3,3,0)Athletic Training Credit(s): 1 HPR 2443 - Soccer TheoryCredit(s): 3 Rules, techniques, participation and equipment in (activities)Introduction to the profession, Credit(s): 3__________________,____________ including but not limited to procedural _______. (name sport). (1,0,2)aspects of the athletic training room Explores the theories, practices,operations, role delineations, tactics and strategies involved inHPR 2541 - Individual andpreparation, and competencies with coaching soccer. Emphasis will be100 observational/experience hours placed upon the objectives, rules,Dual Sports IV under a Board of Certification (BOC) regulations, and policies ofcertified athletic trainer. This course is competitive athletics, as well as onCredit(s): 1recommended for Athletic Training individual skills, team tactics,majors. (3,3,0) organization and managementRules, techniques, participation and practices. (3,3,0)equipment in (activities) ___________________,___________ HPR 2813 - Park and HPR 2453 - Baseball Theory________. (name sport). (1,0,2)Recreation Program Leadership Credit(s): 3HPR 2551 - Fitness and Conditioning Training IIICredit(s): 3 Explores the theories, practices, tactics and strategies involved inCredit(s): 1Planning and leadership techniques coaching baseball. Emphasis will befor conducting organized park and placed upon the objectives, rules,Instruction and practice of basicrecreation programs for all age regulations, and policies ofprinciples of fitness and conditioninggroups. (3,3,0) competitive athletics, as well as onthrough a variety of exercises and individual skills, team tactics,activities. (1,0,2)HPR 2823 - Program organization and managementPlanning and Development practices. (3,3,0)HPR 2561 - Fitness and HPR 2511 - Team Sports IIIConditioning Training IVCredit(s): 3Techniques and processes in program planning, implementation, 307'