b"development, and evaluation inThis course focuses on principles ofCredit(s): 2 recreation setting. (3,3,0)organizing, managing food and beverage facilities, along withStudents will build professional Hospitality and Tourismcatering operations. (4,2,4)development skills necessary for success in hospitality and tourism (HRT)HRT 1413 - Rooms Divisionmanagement. (2,2,0) Management HRT 1114 - CulinaryHRT 1813 - Tourism Principles ICredit(s): 3SpecialistCredit(s): 4This course offers an operationalCredit(s): 3 approach to rooms division Fundamentals of food preparation andmanagement in the hospitalityThis course covers activities cookery emphasizing high standardsindustry including front officeassociated with organizing, booking, for preparation of meat, poultry,management and housekeepingand conducting tours. (3,3,0) seafood, vegetables, soups, stocks,operations. (3, 2, 2) sauces, and farinaceous items. (4,2,4)HRT 1823 - The Travel HRT 1521 - HospitalityAgency HRT 1123 - Introduction toSeminar Hospitality and TourismCredit(s): 3 IndustryCredit(s): 1 Exploration of the travel agency Credit(s): 3Students will build professionalprofessional including how to become development skills necessary fora travel professional, the This course is designed as ansuccess in hospitality and tourismcertifications, and licenses required introduction to the hospitality andmanagement. (2,2,0)and additional training available. This tourism industry. The course includescourse will also compare travel discussions and industry observationsHRT 1531 - Hospitalityagencies such as an independent, to discover the opportunities, trends,Seminarhome based agents, internet problems, and organizations in themarketing, and career options. (3,2,2) field. (3,3,0) Credit(s): 1HRT 1833 - Travel andHRT 1213 - Sanitation andStudents will build professionalTourism Geography Safetydevelopment skills necessary for success in hospitality and tourismCredit(s): 3 Credit(s): 3management. (1,1,0) Location, currency, port of entry, and This course basic principles ofHRT 1541 - Hospitalityform of governments in various microbiology, sanitation, and safetySeminarcountries around the world are procedures for a food servicediscussed. Exercises involve itinerary operation. Implementation ofplanning, knowledge of time zones, Credit(s): 1and familiarity with the countries' sanitation procedures, cost control, natural, cultural, and entertainment and risk reduction standards in a Students will build professionalattractions. (3,2,2) hospitality operation are covered. development skills necessary for (3,2,2) success in hospitality and tourismHRT 2233 - Hospitality Cost management. (1,1,0) HRT 1224 - Restaurant andControl Catering OperationsHRT 1552 - Hospitality SeminarCredit(s): 3 Credit(s): 4 This course focuses on principles and 308"