b"HRT 2923 - SupervisedHUS 1113 - Introduction toCredit(s): 3 Work Experience in TravelHuman Services This course is designed to assist the and Tourism student in recognizing the reality of Credit(s): 3interconnection and the need for a Credit(s): 3holistic approach in meeting personal This course is designed to enableand societal needs. Students are This course is a cooperative programstudents to gain knowledge of therequired to complete 60 hours of field between industry and education and ishistory of Human Services;work in an appropriate agency. (3,1,4) designed to integrate the student'sunderstand the present Human technical studies with industrialServices concepts; identify varying roles of the HUS worker andHUS 2113 - Developing experience. Variable credit is awarded on the basis of one semester hour perunderstand contemporary strategies inInterviewing Skills 45 industrial contact hours. (3,0,12)the helping professions; develop skills in problem assessment and inCredit(s): 3 HRT 2926 - Superviseddetermining appropriate responses to client needs; understand ethics and theThis class is designed to enable the Work Experience in Travellaw as they relate to the helping student to effectively use interviewing and Tourismprofessions. (3,3,0)skills, (i.e., open-ended questions, clarification, reflection, silence, Credit(s): 6HUS 1123 - Interpersonalinterpretation, summarization, body Relationslanguage, etc.) with normal and This course is a cooperative programdisturbed persons; demonstrate between industry and education and isappropriate interpersonal skills for designed to integrate the student'sCredit(s): 3one-to-one helping relationships technical studies with industrial(genuineness, accurate empathy, non-experience. Variable credit is awardedThe course covers self-concept,possessive warmth, establishing on the basis of one semester hour perlistening skills, verbal and nonverbalrapport, constructive confrontation); 45 industrial contact hours. (6,0,18).communication, skills to help resolveand demonstrate skill in keeping interpersonal conflict, and skills inclinical records and in keeping simple self-understanding and acceptance.statistics. (3,3,0) Humanities (HUM)(3,3,0) HUS 2123 - Affecting Social HUM 1113 - Humanities IHUS 1133 - Social Problems Change Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 3 Credit(s): 3 Humanities I provides an overview ofA study of the nature, scope, and history's most memorableeffects of the social problems of todayThis seminar is designed to assist achievements spanning the majorand the theoretical preventivestudents to become more effective as world civilizations of Africa, themeasures to alleviate them. Coursemembers of groups which interact Americas, Asia, Europe, and theincludes such problems aswith community change processes; Middle East from the Prehistoric Eraunemployment, urbanization, crime,analyze the ways groups operate; to the Renaissance. A globaljuvenile delinquency, alcoholism,learn to organize successful meetings; perspective is presented through adrug addiction, and disaster; familylearn to use tension creatively; learn survey of history, literature, music,problems include the aged, mentallyhow to utilize action planning and philosophy, and the visual arts.ill, and retarded. Field trips to moreevaluation; develop group leadership NOTE: This course differs from HONfully acquaint students with socialskills; develop skill in making 1913 in that HON 1913 includes aproblems. (3,3,0)referrals to and counseling with other leadership component. (3,3,0)community agencies; and stay abreast of current social issues which affect HUS 1143 - Envisioning athe community. Students are required Human Services (HUS)Better Societyto complete 60 hours of field work in an appropriate agency. (3,1,4) 310"