b"HUS 2133 - Exploring Socialnormal mechanism of speech andstudent's sign language vocabulary is Issueshearing and how they are affected bya primary interest of this course. Deaf hearing loss, as well as an emphasisresource persons, video tapes and on the history of deafness, trends inother related materials will be Credit(s): 3deaf education, and the deafincluded. Prerequisite:IDT 1224 . community and its culture. (3,3,0)(4,3,2) This class is designed to expose students to conflicting views on major controversial social issues; to assistIDT 1211 - Expressive andIDT 1253 - Transliterating I them in analyzing and understandingReceptive Fingerspelling both sides of an issue; and to enableCredit(s): 3 them to reach their own conclusionsCredit(s): 1 in an atmosphere free of stereotypesStudies skills required to transmit and reactionary responses. (3,3,0)This course will develop beginningEnglish into Conceptually Accurate expressive and receptiveSigned English (CASE). (3,3,0) Interpreter Trainingfingerspelling skills based on word and phrase recognition principles.IDT 2243 - American Sign (IDT)Fingerspelling is an important part of Language III communicating. (1,1,0) IDT 1113 - Introduction toCredit(s): 3 InterpretingIDT 1224 - American Sign Language IAn advanced- level course in Credit(s): 3American Sign Language (ASL). Will Credit(s): 4expand sign vocabulary to include Defines interpreting terms; lists andEnglish and deaf idioms and proper discusses code of ethics; placement ofA developmental course, meaning thatuse in both languages. Concentration interpreters in various settings;the students (whatever theirwill be on proficiency in both ASL discusses environmental factors; andcompetency level at the beginning ofand methods of simultaneous describes the assessment andthe course) are expected to growtranslation of hearing-impaired people certification process. (3,3,0)continuously throughout the semester.who communicate in various forms of The students will develop a highmanual English. Increased emphasis IDT 1123 - Foundation ofdegree of familiarity with and awill be placed on the development of Deafnessrespect for the usage of the basicnative-like fluency. Instructions principles of American Signthrough conversational techniques Language (ASL) through nonverbalincorporating additional principles Credit(s): 3communication techniques, eyeand vocabulary items. training, and fingerspelling. Also,Prerequisite: IDT 1224, IDT 1234. This course will provide students withstudents will be introduced to the(3,2,2) knowledge in types of communicationbasic patterns of ASL through problems resulting from deafness,discipline and instruction.IDT 2263 - Transliterating II ease in mixing with deaf persons,Corequisite: ENG 1113. (4,3,2) occupational trends for the deaf, causes and physiological aspects ofCredit(s): 3 deafness, and social barriers faced byIDT 1234 - American Sign deaf individuals. Deaf individuals andLanguage IIFurther study of the skills of leaders in the community will be transmitting English invited into the classroom to discussCredit(s): 4into Conceptually Accurate Signed these topics along with professionalsEnglish (CASE). Prerequisites:IDT working with the deaf in variousAn introduction to Sign Language1253 . (3,3,0) situations. The course is also designedidioms and English idioms. This for students majoring in interpretingcourse will introduce ways to expressIDT 2313 - Sign-to-Voice for the deaf, teachers, teachers'English idioms in signs and also theInterpreting I aides,school counselors, and so forth.vocabulary for the sign language This course provides a review of aidioms. Continuation of building 311"