b'Credit(s): 3situations. Vocabulary development,Instrumentation & word endings, and use of temporary Classroom work giving verbatimsigns are discussed. Students willControls Technology translations and sign-to-voicelearn to translate simultaneously from(IET) materials. There is an emphasis on themanual English to spoken English and use of tapes and simulated situations.to interpret from American Sign Vocabulary development, wordLanguage (ASL) to spoken EnglishIET 1113 - Industrial endings, and use of temporary signswhile keeping appropriate EnglishMeasurement of Pressure are discussed. Students will learn todiction. (3,3,0)and Level translate simultaneously from manual English to spoken English and learn toIDT 2353 - Interpreting inCredit(s): 3 interpret from American SignSpecial Situations Language (ASL) to spoken EnglishA study of the concepts, principles while keeping appropriate Englishand devices for the measurement of diction. Prerequisite:IDT 2243 Credit(s): 3 industrial pressure, level, temperature (3,3,0)and flow variables.The student will This course includes lectures and observation of interpreters in variouslearn to apply the principles of IDT 2323 - Educationalprocess instruments and devices as settings, including educational, legal, Interpretingmedical, religious, platform, deaf- applied to control and detection of blind, mental health, and so forth.variables.The student will perform Credit(s): 3Prerequisite: Approval of instructor.industrial pressure, level, temperature (3,3,0)and flow measurements. Studies techniques and ethicsCorequisite/Prerequisite: IET 1214, involved in educational interpreting,EET 1114. (3,2,2) IDT 2363 - Artistic focusing on special settings, code ofInterpreting conduct, physical arrangements andIET 1214 - Industrial resources for educational interpreters.Measurement of Further study of the skillsCredit(s): 3Temperature and Flow of transmitting English into Conceptually Accurate SignedStudy the principles and techniques of English (CASE). (3,3,0)artistic interpreting including literaryCredit(s): 4 and musical works. Prerequisite: Approval of Instructor. (3,3,0)The second of two introductory IDT 2333 - Interpretingcourses that cover the concepts and IDT 2413 - Interpretingprinciples of industrial measurement Credit(s): 3required for instrument technicians. PracticumIET 1214 is a study of the concepts, Accuracy and clarity in expressiveprinciples and devices for the interpreting at a conversational speed.Credit(s): 3measurement of industrial temperature Refine and build English-to-ASLand flow variables. skills. Role-play and videos of actualApplication ofCorequisite/Prerequisite: IET 1113, experiences will be used.interpreting/transliterating skills in aEET 1114. (4,2,4) Corequisite:IDT 2243 (3,3,0)supervised, approved site(s). All contact hours will be verifiable, andIET 1313 - Industrial IDT 2343 - Sign-to-Voicedirect observation will beControls I Interpreting IIadministered by practicum supervising interpreter. Prerequisite: Approval of Instructor. (3,150 clockCredit(s): 3 Credit(s): 3hours) A review of measurement theory and Continue classroom work givingincludes the principles of operation, verbatim translations and sign-to- connection, maintenance, testing, voice materials. There is an emphasiscalibration, troubleshooting and on the use of tapes and simulatedrepairing/replacing of pneumatic and 312'