b'electronic analog process controllers,Credit(s): 3IST 1113 - Fundamentals of signal transmitters, recorders, alarmsInformation Technology and associated test equipment alongIntroduction course to recognize and with annunciator/shutdown systemsunderstand the common threats faced and introduce the concepts oftoday for information security inCredit(s): 3 proportional, integral, and derivativeindustry. Students will understand the control modes, loop tuning, andprinciples and practice of computerThis course introduces microcomputer documentation. Prerequisites: IETsystem, DCS and physical security ofoperations, word processing, 1113, IET 1214, EET 1114 (4,2,4)industrial infrastructure to includespreadsheets, database management, wireless communication ofpresentation, and online applications. instruments used in instrumentationIt is designed for students with limited IET 2113 - Final Controlcomputer proficiency and is to be Devicesand control. (3,2,2)taken by those students in addition to the courses listed in the course IET 2433 - Installationsequence. (3,2,2) Credit(s): 3 Practices A study of the various designs ofIST 1124 - IT Foundations Final Control Devices, includingCredit(s): 3 principles of operation, sizing,Credit(s): 4 selection, servicing pneumatic andA course focusing on the principals electric actuators, positioners,and techniques for interconnection ofThis course covers the diagnosis, solenoid operated valves, self- instruments and equipment introubleshooting, and maintenance of contained regulators, louvers,industry. (3,1,4)computer components and dampers, metering pumps andinterpersonal communications for IT required documentation. IntroducesIET 2453 - Troubleshootingprofessionals. Topics include concepts of variable speed drives andand Calibration Principleshardware compatibility, system frequency speed circuitry for variousarchitecture, memory, input devices, motor operated final control devices.video displays, disk drives, modems, Prerequisites: IET 1313 (3,2,2)Credit(s): 3 printers safety and environmental A course focusing on the principalsissues, communication, and IET 2413 - Industrialprofessional behavior. (4, 2, 4). and techniques for troubleshooting Controls IIand calibration of various instruments used in process controls. (3,1,4) IST 1134 - CCNA 1: Intro to Credit(s): 3 NetworksA study of process controllers,IET 2513 - Capstone ClassCredit(s): 4 implementing PID (Proportional, Integral, Derivative) feedback,This course presents basic concepts of cascade, ratio, feed forward and autoCredit(s): 3 Internet protocol (IP) telephony, local select/override and introduce otherarea networks, wide area networks, advanced control strategies; studyA course designed to give a review of principals of operation, connection,data transmission, and topology techniques for loop tuning andmethods. (4,2,4) calibrating process loop componentstesting, troubleshooting of control including smart transmitters usingelements, to include a demonstration field communicators. Use of Loopof knowledge, skills, and abilitiesIST 1143 - Principles of documentation and drawings.obtained. (3,1,4) Information Security Prerequisite:IET 2113 (3,2,2)Credit(s): 3 IET 2423 - IndustrialInformation Systems Electronic Communication &Technology (IST)This course is an introduction to the various technical and administrative Security aspects of information security and assurance. This course provides the 313'