b"foundation for understanding the keyCredit(s): 4of various professional and personal issues associated with protectingWeb design techniques. Students will information assets, determining theThis course focuses on thework with the latest WYSIWYG levels of protection and response tomanagement of a computer networkeditors, HTML editors, security incidents, and designing ausing Microsoft Windows Serveranimation/multimedia products, and consistent, reasonable informationnetwork operating system. Emphasisphoto editors. Prerequisites:IST security system with appropriatewill be placed on daily administrative1433. (4,2,4) intrusion detection and reportingtasks performed by a network features. (3,2,2).administrator. (4, 2, 4).IST 1433 - Web Development Using HTML & CSS IST 1163 - Database andIST 1254 - Network SQL ConceptsAdministration Using LinuxCredit(s): 3Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 4This course involves the application of various professional and personal This course is an introduction to theThis course focuses on theWeb design techniques. Students will design and manipulation of relationalmanagement of a computer networkwork with the latest WYSIWYG databases. Emphasis is placed onusing the Linux operating system.editors, HTML editors, creation, manipulation, extraction, andEmphasis is placed on installation,animation/multimedia products, and display of data from existingconfiguration, implementation, andphoto editors.(3,2,2) databases. QBE and SQL areadministrative tasks of a functional explored. (3, 2, 2).server. (4, 2, 4).IST 1453 - Principles of Mobile App Development IST 1213 - Client InstallationIST 1314 - Visual BASIC and ConfigurationProgrammingCredit(s): 3Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 4This course is designed to help students build a solid foundation in This course is designed to help theThis introduction to the Visual BASICprogramming fundamentals using student install, support, andprogramming language familiarizesSwift as a language.Students get troubleshoot a current client operatingthe student with object-orientedpractical experience with the tools, system. Emphasis will be placed onprogramming and a graphicaltechniques, and concepts needed to common user operations as well as theintegrated development environment.build a basic iOS app from scratch.network administrator's support of the(4,2,4).They'll also learn user interface design client. (3, 2, 2).principles, which is fundamental to IST 1414 - Client-sideprogramming and making great apps.IST 1224 - CCNA 2: RoutingProgramming(3,2,2) and Switching Essentials IST 1483 - Fundamentals of Credit(s): 4 Credit(s): 4Virtualization This course offers a comprehensive This course presents local areaunderstanding of programming usingCredit(s): 3 network and wide area networkJavaScript. Prerequisite: IST connectivity. It focuses on1154(4,2,4)This course presents basic concepts of architectures, topologies, protocols,operating-system virtualization, server and transport methods of a network.IST 1424 - Web Designvirtualization, cloning, teams, and Prerequisites: IST 1134. (4,2,4)Applicationsvirtual networks.Prerequisite:IST 1124 and IST 1134. (3,2,2) IST 1244 - Network Credit(s): 4IST 1513 - SQL Administration Using Microsoft Windows ServerThis course involves the applicationProgramming 314"