b'IST 2234 - CCNA 4:an introduction to creating dynamicProgramming Language course. Connecting NetworksWeb applications using server-sidePrerequisite:IST 2584 (4,2,4) technologies. (4,2,4) Credit(s): 4IST 2634 - Penetration IST 2454 - Advanced MobileTesting and Implementation This course is the culmination of allApplication Development concepts learned in the networkingCredit(s): 4 curriculum. Topics include planning,Credit(s): 3 installation, evaluation, andThis course provides an in-depth maintenance of a network solution.The emergence of a new generation ofexploration of various methods for Prerequisite: IST 2224 (4,2,4)highly-capable devices and platformsgaining unauthorized access and has opened up opportunities forexplores network security concepts IST 2324 - Scriptapplication developers. Mobilefrom the point of view of hackers and Programmingdevelopment differs fromtheir methodologies. Topics include conventional desktop development inhackers, crackers, ethical hackers, that mobile devices operate in aattacks, intrusion detection systems, Credit(s): 4constrained world with smallermalicious code, computer crime, and screens and slower networkindustrial espionage. Prerequisite: IST This course is an introduction to theconnections, as well as limited1624Corequisite:IST 1254 and any use of integrating scripts to addmemory and processing power.programming course. (4,2,4) functionality to Web pages.Prerequisite: IST 1453 (3,2,2) Prerequisite:IST 1433 or instructor permission. (4,2,4)IST 2734 - Data Visualization IST 2464 - PowerShelland Marketing IST 2334 - Advanced VisualProgramming BASIC ProgrammingCredit(s): 4 Credit(s): 4 Language This course teaches students the This course is designed to introducefundamentals of data visualization and Credit(s): 4the student to the PowerShellhow to communicate effectively with command line language and its use indata. Students will learn to present, This course is a continuation of themonitoring and maintaining aexplore, and understand data using Visual BASIC ProgrammingMicrosoft network. The student willvarious visualization tools. (4,2,4) Language course. Prerequisites: ISTbecome familiar with the syntax of the 1314. (4,2,4)commands. (4,3,2)IST 2744 - SAS Programming II IST 2374 - CIST 2584 - C# Programming Programming Language Credit(s): 4 Credit(s): 4 Credit(s): 4This course is a continuation of SAS This course is designed to introduceProgramming I. It is designed to This course is designed to introducethe student to the C# programmingprovide a firm foundation in data the student to the Cprogramminglanguage and its basic functions.manipulation techniques using SAS language and its basic functions. (4,2,4)DATA. Students will gain an (4,2,4)understanding of the procedure steps IST 2594 - Advanced C#to access, transform, and summarize IST 2434 - Server-SideProgramming LanguageSAS data sets. Students will learn how Programming Ito control SAS data set input and output, combine SAS data sets, and Credit(s): 4summarize, read, and write different Credit(s): 4types of data. (4,2,4) This course is a continuation of the C# This course provides the student with 316'