b'IST 2753 - Big DataJOU 1313 - News WritingLEA 1821 - Leadership and Analyticsand Reporting IOrganization Skills II Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 1This course teaches Big Data conceptsAn introductory course in journalismContinued study of LEA 1811, ice and technologies as well as thedesigned to teach news writing andbreakers; non-verbal communication; techniques to manage them. Studentsreporting, the construction of the newsrole of functions in groups; power; will be introduced to emerging toolsarticle with an emphasis on sourcetime management; stress and NoSQL (Not Only SQL)news, features, sports, and interviewmanagement; role of constitution; databases. (3,2,2)stories and editorials. (3,3,0)Personal Style type indicator; planning and goal setting; leadership IST 2814 - Full-Stack WebJOU 2111 - Collegementoring. (1,1,0) DevelopmentPublications III LEA 1911 - Leadership and Credit(s): 4Credit(s): 1Communication Skills Development - Recruiting This course offers students anOpen to students who haveand Public Relations I introduction into Full-Stack Websuccessfully completed JOU 1111, Development (Django or other1121, and 1313 or with consent ofCredit(s): 1 applicable software).Students will beinstructor. (1,0,2) taught concepts related to Django andThis course familiarizes the student other aspects of fullstack webJOU 2121 - Collegewith his/her responsibilities as a development components andPublications IVmember of the recruiting/public applications.Prerequisites:ISTrelations team. It explores leadership 1433 and IST 1723. (4,2,4)skills, communication, and factual Credit(s): 1 information about the college. Journalism (JOU)Through this course the student will Open to students who have successfully completed JOU 1111,be able to function as a representative JOU 1111 - College1121, 1313, and 2111 or with consentin recruitment and in public relations. of instructor.(1,0,2)(1,1,0) Publications I Credit(s): 1Leadership (LEA)LEA 1921 - Leadership & Communication SkillsThis laboratory course is designed toLEA 1811 - Leadership andDevelopment - Recruiting & give practical experience in workingOrganization Skills IPublic Relations II with the college newspaper or yearbook production. News, feature,Credit(s): 1 and editorial writing, make-up andCredit(s): 1 layout, editing, advertising andA continuation of LEA 1911. (1,1,0) photography will be emphasizedA study of leadership styles and skills, according to student need. (1,0,2)roles and functions of officers of student organizations. IncludesLEA 2811 - Leadership and JOU 1121 - Collegeparliamentary procedure, chain ofOrganization Skills III command, communication, Publications IIconducting effective meetings, role of Credit(s): 1 constitution/by-laws, principle of Credit(s): 1ethics, etiquette, and working withContinued study of LEA 1811, LEA volunteers. (1,1,0)1821; participates fully in class; A continuation of JOU 1111. (1,0,2)experiential roles chairing committees and events; lead decision making 317'