b"techniques; consensus, brainof different areas of law, and presentsMAT 0121 - Math Lab 2 storming; observe and give feedbackethics. (3,3,0) to group on role functions in group;Credit(s): 1 lead planning and goal setting groups;Learning Life Skills and presentation of leadership topics.Opportunity to provide supplemental (1,1,0)(LLS) instruction/practice/support in a structured lab environment.Lab may LEA 2821 - Leadership andLLS 1413 - Improvement ofaccompany MAT 1233.This lab is Organization Skills IVStudyfor institutional credit only. (1,0,2) Credit(s): 1Credit(s): 3MAT 0123 - Beginning Algebra A continuation of activities and eventsThis course is designed to aid the of LEA 1811, LEA 1821, and LEAstudent in study skills, promoteCredit(s): 3 2811, emphasizing servant leadership.student success in basic reading and (1,1,0)note-taking techniques, criticalA course in algebra to include thinking, time management, test- operations with real numbers, linear LEA 2911 - Leadership &taking strategies, and listening andequations, the coordinate system, Communication Skillsmemory enhancement. (3,3,0)linear inequalities exponents, Development - Recruiting &operations with polynomials, and LLS 1423 - College Studyfactoring. Prerequisite: Basic Math Public Relations III SkillsCompetency. (3,2,2) Credit(s): 1Credit(s): 3MAT 0131 - Math Lab 3A continuation of LEA 1921. (1,1,0) An advanced course in study skillsCredit(s): 1 that fosters insight and practice of LEA 2921 - Leadership &critical reading skills and studyOpportunity to provide Communication Skillstechniques needed for efficient andinstruction/practice/support in a Development - Recruiting &effective mastery of college-levelstructured lab environment. Lab may Public Relations IVcourses, both graduate andaccompany MAT 1313 or higher. This undergraduate. (3,3,0)lab is for institutional credit only. (1,0,2) Credit(s): 1 Mathematics (MAT) A continuation of LEA 2911. (1,1,0)MAT 1033 - Technical NOTE: Placement into mathematicsMathematics Paralegal (LET)courses is based on ACT or COMPASS test scores and/orCredit(s): 3 successful completion of identified LET 1123 - Introduction tohigh school mathematics classes. This course is intended for students Lawenrolled in career technical education MAT 0111 - Math Lab 1programs.It includes a review of Credit(s): 3basic mathematics and topics from Credit(s): 1algebra, geometry, statistics, and This course provides an overview oftrigonometry with an emphasis on major principles and functions of theOpportunity to provide supplementalreal-world applications and state and federal legal systems,instruction/practice/support in ameasurement.Topics covered should introduces various legal fields forstructured lab environment. Lab mayrelate to the student's program area.professional opportunities, presentsaccompany MAT 0123. This lab is for(3,3,0) legal vocabulary, gives an overviewinstitutional credit only. (1,0,2) 318"