b'MAT 1233 - Intermediatetrigonometric functions; applications.of integration; applications. AlgebraPrerequisite: Two years of high schoolPrerequisite: MAT 1613 (3,3,0) algebra and one year of geometry. Corequisite: MAT 1313 . (3,3,0)MAT 1723 - The Real Credit(s): 3 Number System The topics include linear equationsMAT 1343 - Pre-Calculus and their graphs; inequalities andCredit(s): 3 number line graphs; rationalCredit(s): 3 expressions; factoring; laws ofDesigned for elementary and special exponents; radicals; polynomials.A review of college algebra andeducation majors, this course includes Prerequisite: MAT 0123 or hightrigonometry in preparation forset theory, numeration systems, school algebra I. (3,2,2)Calculus I.Topics include functions;foundations of number theory, and solving equations; logarithmic andproperties and operations of real MAT 1313 - College Algebraexponential functions; trigonometricnumbers. Corequisite: MAT 1313 . functions; solving trigonometric(3,3,0) equations; graphing functions. (3,3,0) Credit(s): 3 MAT 1733 - Geometry, This course includes inequalities;MAT 1513 - BusinessMeasurement, and functions; linear and quadraticCalculus IProbability equations, circles, and their graphs; rational, radical, and higher-orderCredit(s): 3 equations; applications; polynomialCredit(s): 3and rational functions; logarithmicA study of functions, limits, and exponential functions; systems ofDesigned for elementary and special continuity, derivatives, and theireducation majors, this course includes equations. Prerequisite: Successfulapplications to business and completion of MAT 1233 or ACTgeometric definitions, shapes, and economics. Prerequisite: MAT 1313 .formulas; linear and angular Math 19 or higher or equivalent(3,3,0) ACCUPLACER score. (3,3,0)measurements; unit conversions, statistics and probability. Prerequisite: MAT 1613 - Calculus IMAT 1313 or MAT 1314. (3,3,0) MAT 1314 - College Algebra Credit(s): 3MAT 1753 - Quantitative Credit(s): 4Reasoning This course includes the following This course includes inequalities;topics: limits, continuity, the functions; linear and quadraticdefinition of the derivative;Credit(s): 3 equations, circles, and their graphs;differentiation; applications; anti-rational, radical, and higher-orderderivatives. Prerequisites: Two yearsThis course is designed for students equations; applications; polynomialof High School Algebra andwho need only three hours of and rational functions; logarithmicTrigonometry or MAT 1313 andunspecified mathematics.Includes and exponential functions. (4, 3, 2) MAT 1323 or MAT 1343. MAT 1613basic mathematical concepts fromand MAT 1323 may be taken duringlogic, algebra, set theory, probability, the same semester. (3,3,0)descriptive statistics, and finance.MAT 1323 - TrigonometryPrerequisite:Successful completion of MAT 1233 or ACT Math 19 or MAT 1623 - Calculus IIhigher or equivalent ACCUPLACER Credit(s): 3score.(3,3,0) Credit(s): 3 This course includes trigonometricMAT 2113 - Introduction to functions and theirThis course includes the following graphs; trigonometricidentities;topics: the definite integral;Linear Algebra trigonometric equations; radiandifferentiation and integration of measurement; solutions of right andtranscendental functions; techniquesCredit(s): 3 oblique triangles; inverse 319'