b"This course includes the followingtheorems; Laplace transforms;Credit(s): 3 topics: systems of linear equations;applications. Prerequisite: MAT matrices; determinants; vector spaces;2623 or enrollment in MAT 2623 .This course provides instruction on orthogonality; linear transformations;(3,3,0)Advanced Trade Math, Precision applications; eigenvalues andmeasuring tools and Installing pack, eigenvectors. Prerequisite:MATMechanicalseals and mechanical seals. 1623 (3,3,0)Prerequisite: MEC 1116 (3,1,4) Maintenance MAT 2323 - StatisticsTechnology (MEC)MEC 1133 - Mechanical Maintenance IV Credit(s): 3MEC 1113 - Mechanical Maintenance ICredit(s): 3 Introduction to statistical methods of describing, summarizing, comparing,This course provides instruction on and interpreting data to includeCredit(s): 3 bearing, couplings, shims, jigs, probability distributions, sampling, equipment alignment, belt drives, estimation, confidence intervals, andThis course provides an orientation to chain drives, fans and blowers. hypothesis testing. Prerequisite: MATthe Millwright trade, introduces hand Prerequisite: MEC 1123 (3,1,4). 1313 (3,3,0)tools, fastener and anchors to include basic layout, gaskets and O'rings and orientation to Oxy Fuel cutting.MEC 1227 - Mechanical MAT 2613 - Calculus IIIPrerequisite: CTE 1143 (3,1,4).Maintenance VI Credit(s): 3MEC 1115 - MechanicalCredit(s): 7This course includes the followingMaintenance V This course provides instruction on topics: analytical geometry;maintaining, repairing application of parametric equations; polarCredit(s): 5 reverse alignment, laser alignment, coordinates; improper integrals, advanced blueprint reading, optical infinite series; vectors and geometryThis course provides instruction on alignment, turbines, electric motors, of space. Pre-requisite: MATtroubleshooting and repair of vibration analusis. Prerequisite: MEC 1613 and MAT 1623 (3,3,0)conveyors, pumps, compressors, 1115 (7,2,10) hydraulics, pneumatic and gearboxes. MAT 2623 - Calculus IVPrerequisite: MEC 1133 (5,1,8) Medical Terminology Credit(s): 3MEC 1116 - Mechanical(MET) Maintenance II This course includes the followingMET 1113 - Medical topics: partial differentiation;Credit(s): 6Terminology optimization; multiple integration; vector calculus; quadric surfaces andThis course provides instruction on line integrals; divergence theorem;Trade Math, Field sketching, BlueCredit(s): 3 Stokes' Theorem.Prerequisites: MATPrint Reading Millwright specialty 2613 . (3,3,0)and power tools, rigging, settingThis course is a study of medical baseplates, lubrication and Intro tolanguage relating to the various body systems including diseases, physical MAT 2913 - Differentialbearings. Prerequisite: MEC 1113 (6,2,8)conditions, procedures, clinical Equationsspecialties, and abbreviations. Emphasis is placed on correct spelling Credit(s): 3MEC 1123 - Mechanicaland pronunciation, and the use of Maintenance IIIcomputer assisted software. (3,2,2) This course includes the following topics: solution of first and higher order differential equations; existence 320"